National Men Make Dinner Day

Ladies- You’re gonna love this one. Guess what we found out today is? National Men Make Dinner Day! This traditionally falls on the first Thursday of November. It’s possible that this holiday was created by women as a ploy to start training a team of helpers in the kitchen for the upcoming holidays, pretty clever if you ask us!

We know it might be overwhelming for the men in your life to whip something up last minute, so we’ve rounded up some quick and easy Autumn recipes, apron optional. And since presentation is just as essential to the dish as the taste and flavor, take a look at some of our favorite dishwear to go along with it! Click on any of the images to view original recipe.

Oh, and tell him we said that National Men Make Dinner Day also includes clean up afterwards!  After all, we don’t want you to have to help out!  So go ahead and share this post with the men and boys in your life, and start building your kitchen team to compete with Thanksgiving day football.