Create a Welcome Home

Since our 12 days of Giving started today with 20% off furniture, we’re visiting each room with some tips on how to make your holiday gathering more comfortable and memorable for the whole family. Featured below are some of our favorite set-ups and furniture options by Cisco Brothers.

Need that picture perfect moment? Line the kids up on a timeless sofa in their holiday’s finest and create a memory to last a lifetime. Experiment with lighting to create that perfect cozy ambiance.

When it’s time to tear open the presents, make sure everyone has a view. Sectionals are perfect for creating an intimate circle where everyone can see eachother’s smiles and delightful reactions as they open their gifts. And don’t forget to give the room personality by piling on the pillows.

Whether you’re serving turkey, ham or whatever it may be... create a relaxed atmosphere where the conversation will flow over the wine and food. We love to create some excitement before the holiday meal with a gorgeous tablescape of branches, candles and lights.

After dinner when everyone has full stomachs and is winding down, those big comfy chairs are perfect for the adults to continue the dinner conversation while the kiddies will enjoy spreading out their new toys across a big ottoman.