Color of the Month : Black

Happy New Year! We are inspired by the many soirees, so we’re sharing some tips on how you can do black in your home.  It’s sophisticated, it’s neutral, but it can be hit or miss! Let’s take a look at how you can add a little black in a few of our favorite ways.


We love the moody still-life effect a black wall evokes. We rounded up some of the best black walls done right.

Out of all the areas of the house, we love a light bedroom. It feels refreshing to sleep in. But have you ever thought about associating the color of night with your bedroom? In this image, the dark washed walls are contrasted not only with natural colors but also natural elements.

For a seriously stylish kitchen, consider adding a black tile back splash. The key to dark colored spaces is contrast, and the warm wood cabinetry in this kitchen does just that.


We can’t help but notice a trend in metropolitan flower shops, black walls. We love how the florals bring an unexpected pop to this sophisticated backdrop that still makes the space feel large and gallery-like.


Black furniture can really translate in any room. But we chose some of our favorite monochromatic rooms that featured pops of black.

The black shelves, lighting and chairs in this kitchen contrast with the white walls to add a sophisticated, elegant feel. Tie it all together with a black and white rug.

To keep the accent furniture from being too goth, add shiny objects as a contrast. the copper tabletop and accessories just pop against the moody background.

In this office space, the dark objects stage the scene and establish boundaries while the white walls act as a blank canvas.


Add minimal sophistication to your table setting with black ceramics on a rustic backdrop. Alternatively, to liven things up, introduce a black poppy print through the linens or even dinnerware.


If the black bedroom wall we showed you above is not your cup of tea, try some of these options with a focus on black bedding. Textures can help break up the monotony of a black bed- think velvet, knitted and quilted. Or, you can choose a black print to add more of a playful, bohemian feel to the sleeping quarters.