Succulent Care Guide

It’s a heated conversation among the team at Gardenology: what’s better- real or permanent botanicals? Whatever your preference, we’re sharing a quick care guide on how to keep your succulents healthy and beautiful, whether they are faux or real. You take the pick based on your lifestyle.


REAL-  Drainage is an important part of planting your succulents. In addition to a well draining soil, make sure you choose a pot that has a hole in the bottom to release excess water.

FAUX - Since the fauxplants don't require a specific type of soil, you can get creative with pot choices. If you spy a vessel that doesn't have a hole in the bottom but has room in the top for some buds, go for it!



REAL - Make sure to place your succulents in a well lit part of the home, whether it be outside or inside.

FAUX - It is best to keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight to avoid any possible color fade, so think of spots in those rooms that don't get good sunlight but need a pop. If you would like to bring them outside, we recommend you keep them under a covered area to avoid any outdoor elements.


REAL - This ultimately depends on where you live and what season it is dependent upon the natural elements. But the general consensus is to water, but sparingly.

FAUX-   Water or sprays are not necessary to clean the botanicals. To avoid doing any damage to the color or texture of the leaves, dust your arrangement once a month with a blow dryer on a cool setting or a feather duster.


REAL - It is recommended that you repot once a year to examine the roots and soil to keep your plant healthy and happy.

FAUX - With the change in seasons and holidays, we always find ourselves shifting around the succulents - and perhaps adding seasonal botanicals to change the mood, which can also be placed in a wide array of places and vessels.