How to Throw a Garden Party

As Summer rolls in, what better way to celebrate a beautiful outdoor space than to throw a garden party! Spending a Saturday night in the yard, enjoying the summer weather and great company means that you can relax a little and let loose. Stop and smell the roses, listen to the music, indulge in some fruity refreshments. Whether your desire is to host a spectacular soiree or a no-frills affair, we're sharing 4 party themes to make it an unforgettable time.

1. The Centerpiece - Use succulents in an array of greens with pops of peach and lilac from our botanical bar.
2. The Guests - it only makes sense to use these succulent note cards as invites or thank you's after the event.
3. The Tabletop - Give your party a sense of occasion by skipping the paper plates and keep things clean and organic with Alex Marshall tabletop.
4. The Food - Get inspired by some delicious recipes from the Bountiful cookbook.
5. The Ambiance - Have a basket of blankets or sweatshirts if the conversation goes late into the night, when the desert winds pick up.  

1. The Centerpiece - group candles together in dark colors with a pop of pink or white.
2. The Guests - choose a letter to be featured on your invites or thank you's, perhaps your initial or P for Paris?
3. The Dishes - get romantic. Start with the dishes stacked in a messy yet ornate way.
4. The Food - serve wine and fruits on these marble serving boards that add a touch of sophistication to the meal.
5. The Ambiance - Get inspired by the Paris cityscapes in this inspiring book and set the mood with Parisian tunes by Serge Gainsbourg and Josephine Baker.

1. The Centerpiece - Use an assortment of glass bottles and fresh wildflowers. (photo credit: The House Gardener)
2. The Guests - feature this handsketched floral journal as a guest book. Bonus, it comes in a pack of 3 so use one as your party planner.
3. The Dishes - Vietri’s crema range offers distinct shapes with a rustic deckled edge
4. The Ambiance - drape our rustic black cord string lights along rails, above the dinner table or among the greenery to set the mood.
5. The Food - Find recipes ideal for warm days in the ‘Flavors of Summer’ cookbook.

1. The Centerpiece - cluster together neutral pottery pieces for a statement.
2. The Guests - feature the inkblot handbook cards and let your guests choose the one they are drawn to and start some interesting conversation.
3. The Dishes - go for oversize, sculptural pieces to show off the fresh flavors of summer.
4. The Comforts - Use Turkish linens as an accent on the table, picnic blanket or to keep guests warm.
5. The Ambiance - Learn how to make a statement in a clean and simple way with this book by Hilary Robertson.