Chase Away Winter

OK, OK, we know we live in Southern California where the weather is sunny and pleasant year round. But we still have those few months where, well, we slack off. And we do have dreary days and chilly nights, so it is certainly rewarding to get the house back in shape just as the true spring days arrive. In case you need just a little more will power, here are 4 ideas to help you get to it!

Tip #1: Clear Clutter. Sort and store your goodies in various baskets. Take advantage of the natural urge to begin fresh with a more streamlined lifestyle. Have a look at some of the baskets we have in store.

Tip #2: Brighten with Botanicals. Bring the outside in, whether you choose hanging vases, a variety of arranged florals in planters, or singular sprigs- spring botanicals will add color and elicit smiles.


Tip #3: Liven up your Linens. Start by refreshing your linens with an all natural scented wash (we love Lothantique Lavender!), then sort your linens by collection using scraps to tie them up. Finally, replace guest towels with an array of spring shades and textures.

Tip #4: Replenish Rugs. Consider replacing one item in each room with a new one, like rugs! Update your home with a natural, textured rug in pastel or jute to give the room a seasonal boost.