Rare Old Soda Bottles

In nostalgia for the past, many people collect old vintage seltzer bottles. The seltzer bottle, used to hold carbonated water, dates all the way back to 1790 in France when the concept of an "aerosol" was used to pressurize carbonated beverages. In 1892, siphons were created in an effort to help maintain the pressure of carbonated liquid inside of a bottle, thus preventing the soda from becoming flat. So why are we giving you a history lesson, you ask? Well, there are many vintage seltzer water bottles out there, but one of the most prized antique bottles is one from Shasta, which we just got in at Gardenology!

Hand picked by our buyers, these bottles are embossed on one side in large capital letters with ‘SHASTA WATER’ and the other side is embossed ‘Property of The Shasta Water Co’. These were used sometime between 1928 when the company name became Shasta Water Co, and the 1950s. What do we love? The fact that the bottom of each bottle notes they were made in Czechoslovakia, which no longer exists!

These bottles are typically very thick due to the fact that they needed to "withstand" the pressure of carbonation. Because antique seltzer bottles were built in a way so they could be used continuously over a long period of time, they are rather abundant today and it’s easy to repurpose these for other projects. We scoured pinterest for a few of our favorite uses…

For a clean look, line a variety of bottles up- keep them clear for a white on white look. Alternatively, add branches and botanicals to add some color or keep it festive per season, think creepy branches at Halloween and Evergreen branches at Christmas.

While we're on the holiday note, another option is to use these bottles for your dinner setup, perhaps to serve mineral water to your guests. Or consider lining these up with other vintage bottles in a range of colors and sizes for an eclectic centerpiece.