Choosing Dining Room Furniture

As of late, there have been debates ‘is the dining room over?’ We think not, the dining room is a place where family and friends gather for special occasions. It might not be a room you use all the time, but each time you do, memories are created.

Chances are, the dining room furniture you buy now will be the furniture you will have for years to come. Knowing a few key facts will help you smartly purchase the furniture that will meet your needs. When the room feels stylish and can comfortably accommodate all your guests, every meal you eat there will feel like a triumph.


Measure the space and remember to include room to walk around the table and pull out chairs. Generally try to leave about 48 inches between the edge of the table and the wall. Rule of thumb: Circular tables feel better in a smaller room and rectangular or square tables fill a larger room. 

When it comes to size, also think about how many people will be sitting at the table. Base this initially on your family, though keep in mind events you plan to hold for friends. Adjustable tables give you the option of expanding when necessary, like the Tuscan Spring dining table we currently have in stores.

Think materials based on the architecture of your house and the overall feel you want to reflect. Even though they are all wood, Mahogany may feel formal, driftwood more rustic and oak or pine more casual, like the Vaughn dining Table we currently have in stores.  For a more industrial feel, choose concrete or metal, our concrete oval dining table is a good option for this arena.


Make sure the chairs you choose work with your table height. Most dining tables are about 29-30 inches tall, and you want about 12 inches from seat to the top of the table. Also, think about if you want a narrow chair or low back, or even a bench - dependent on your guests.

Upholstered seats are comfortable, but also likely to show spills. This is when slipcovers like the Klaene Gray Newport chair come in handy. Also consider fabrics that require less work to clean. Wood or metal chairs are a good casual option if you have children.  We also love using outdoor furniture inside, like the Janus et Cie Loom collection, because of it’s durability and ease to clean.


Make the room feel complete with bar furniture which is functional and takes up less space, doubling as a buffet or extra seating if necessary. If you have items you want to display such as family heirlooms, show them off in a display cabinet. Coordinate the material with the dining table or chairs to keep it flowing. Wine rack or storage is an additional decorative element and one that comes in handy when entertaining. Include an area rug that expands beyond the table size so that when a chair is pulled out, it still sits on the rug. Finally, add a pendant or chandelier, dependent on the room to create the desired ambiance for your memories.