Accent the Space

Accent Tables are a great way to put the finishing touches on a beautiful room. They play an important role by expanding your living room comfort – holding beverages, stacking books, displaying holiday décor or family portraits. Before buying, think about what you need, assess the style of the room, measure the space, and snap some pictures.


First, examine the space. If you’ve been reading our previous blog posts, then you know our recommendations for using your personality and preferred style as a starting point. Decorate the room first, not around a piece of furniture. Next, evaluate what you have and consider downsizing. Is it sentimental? Then it’s a keeper. Is it cheap? If there’s an option to redo it, then consider that. If not, replace it. It’s surprising how one small change can update the look and feel of the entire room. Add accent pieces after the overall style is chosen. Furniture should be neutral, and the accents are the thing you can change out to make an overall statement.


Does your room need more texture? A natural element like rough hewn wood or something super-sleek? Traditional, contemporary, eclectic– we are big fans of mixing things up a bit. You can’t get too crazy with accent tables but you can inject a bit of glamour or personality. Or choose something that ties together multiple themes. If you are mixing old and new, think about the balance of the two and which one your coffee table should be.

Do you want it to have a use?  Storage for example. Or pieces with castors provide mobility for entertaining or toys. Lastly, have an awkward space behind a sofa that needs to be filled? That’s where console tables fit right in.


Coffee Tables: What is the correct height? Well, most sources say it should be below the seat height of your furniture. If you have a large, dark, chunky sofa, you don’t want to choose a small dainty cocktail table. Conversely, the table shouldn’t be longer than the sofa-no matter how great you think it is. Is your room cramped or spacious? For small spaces, we would recommend a round or oval coffee table. For homes with children or pets, no sharp edges - make it easy to maneuver around. A large room can handle those mammoth cocktail tables (square or rectangle).

End tables: The number-one question when choosing an end table: How tall should it be? The rule of thumb is that its surface area should generally be equal to or just below the height of the sofa or chair arms. The idea is to make it comfortable to reach for a book, lamp, or beverage. When you have a close enough measurement but are not sure, err on the shorter side.  And every side table does not have to be the exact same height. Nesting tables let you get away with some optional heights. End Tables come in all shapes and we prefer to mix and match. Also think about what needs to be placed on the table. Do you have a table lamp that has a unique base? Make sure it will fit on the tabletop you choose.

And when in doubt, take photos for another point of view, our team at both locations are happy to help!