One Flower, 3 Ways

With our upcoming workshop on orchid design, we got inspired to start some Spring arrangements early. Inspiration comes from a huge range of resources, for these arrangements, we used nature itself. Take a look at how we translated the orchid into 3 unique looks.

For a traditional take on the orchid, a concrete pot adds an outdoor aesthetic. We started with a baby arrangement, perfect for the nightstand or a small space like a bathroom. On the right, adding more orchids called for a larger pot that works as a table centerpiece.

The multiple heights and buds on the stems draw the eye to several points of interest and the combination of vivid greens keep this arrangement simple yet modern.

For a more unconventional design, we started with an earthy birch tree pot. The bamboo stick tied with twine adds a realistic, still-life element and gives height to the arrangement.

We kept the mossy base neutral and realistic looking, maintaining the earthy aesthetic. The addition of a spiky succulent adds a contemporary touch.

For our final design, a deep, oversize vessel with pops of color makes an elegant yet bold statement in any room.

The interaction between the different florals creates an eclectic base while the height and ambiguity in the taller flowers creates movement in the design.

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