Fiddle Leaf Fig Mania

Fiddle Leaf Fig mania has taken the interior design world by storm in recent years. We‘ve been stocking the tree for years, but it still maintains its title as the ‘it’ houseplant in 2016. The tropical tree, known for its gestural leaves and grand presence acts as an additional piece of furniture in any room. Loved for their large glossy, leathery leaves, it‘s the perfect way to bring the forest indoors, and our permanent tree gives you a worry free offering. Standing 7ft tall, the tree is ideal for any room and can transition with any style. We're sharing some of our favorite rooms below.


On the left, Justina Blakeney, inspired by color, travel, creative use and thrifting, loves adding plants to her eclectic rooms. Here, the tree maintains a large presence in the corner, adding yet another pop of color and life to the room. On the right, we see the tree surrounded by ethnic textiles and a woven basket to ground it in the room.


Rolled arms and subtle curves define elegant traditionalism, adding 2 shaped fiddle leaf trees on either side of the fireplace adds an unorthodox symmetry. In the family room on the right, a fiddle leaf tree in the corner adds understated charm to an otherwise cozy room tying it all together.


To keep the furnishings from weighing down the space, the fiddle leaf tree adds an open-air presence. On the left side, the tree adds a sophisticated natural element that compliments a dynamic seating arrangement and an array of textures.