7 Coffee Tables for 7 Different Personalities

Generally the finishing touch on a room, the importance of the coffee table is often overlooked. Many just see it as a place for books, extra drinks, etc. But without a coffee table, the living room would look quite plain. It's the piece that ties together all the other furnishings, creating a focal point. So, when it’s time to put that finishing touch on the room, do you want to find a coffee table that says something about you? Look no further, we put together a list of 8 different tables that make a statement through a variety of attributes. Find your personality trait on the list below for the perfect match!



Personality Type: BOLD

Coffee Table: The Samson and Noland Tables

Combining two tables, namely the Samson and the Noland, for a layered look, makes a statement and provides a conversation piece for the extravert in you to chat about the intentional styling.  A black marble top is as strong-willed and direct as you in its effort to serve as a stable surface and the whole look can be finished off with a statement sofa.


Personality Type: SINCERE

Coffee Table: The Olivia Table

The intersecting metal frame is a reminder of the interconnectedness of humans and nature that you respect and understand. The mirrored zinc surface emits an innocent radiance that is influenced by it’s surroundings. This table will add a genuine sophistication to the living room when complimented by a clean sectional.


Personality Type: NEUROTIC

Coffee Table: The Marseilles Table

You like a balanced room, and the clean straight lines on this piece allow it to fit anywherewill keep your room symmetrical. No needto worry about where to place it, it fits anywhere. And no, you did not leave your stovetop or hair straightener on this morning when you left the house.


Personality Type: LAID-BACK

Coffee Table: The Garrison Table

A large solid square shape with distressed solid pine and zinc details is accommodating for multiple spaces and provides an agreeable, rustic take on a low-profile coffee table that works in any room- just like you! Add a deep, oversize sofa for the ultimate retreat.


Personality Type: HARDWORKING

Coffee Table: The Dover Table

The thick wood and sturdy base of this piece exude true craftsmanship, something you appreciate. The diligent lines in this industrious piece create a stable piece of furniture that will compliment a modern sectional.


Personality Type: WISE

Coffee Table: The Reginald Table

The hand carved rings in this elm wood slab are reminiscent of an old tree trunk. The saying goes, the more rings, the older and wiser the tree is. A stable iron base with a brass finish add a touch of sass. And since wise people know to keep their options open, this piece is also available in a square shape to match your seating scheme.


Personality Type: OPEN MINDED

Coffee Table: The Lithianthus Table

Why not let 2 unlikely textures meet? You are willing to consider the idea of mixing and matching like the Lithianthus’s reclaimed wood top and unexpected iron and stone base with a textured finish. In your words- if you don’t think outside the box, then you would have any other ordinary coffee table.

Did we miss your personality? Let us know what it is and what type of coffee table you are drawn to?

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