Home is where the Hearth is

The hearth is technically defined as ‘the area in front of the fireplace’. So we are going to refer to the ‘hearth’ in this blog post as just that, but it might also extend to a simple corner of your living room in the instance that you don’t have an actual fireplace to work with because hey- there are no rules!  After all, it’s the holiday season, and gatherings are where memories are made, whether the space is small or large, fireplace or not.

So where do you start on decorating the hearth? We’ve got a few ideas.


A perfect scene that you might find on pinterest is a square fireplace with a circular rug in front. We do love the idea of the contrasting shapes. But a circular rug can be limiting as well, so you can also consider a large rectangle that will fit all of your furnishings. Either way, choose a material or pattern that suits your room scheme.


We can’t deny there’s nothing like the ambiance that a cackling fire in the fireplace produces, but for those of us that aren’t lucky enough to have a fireplace, the use of candles can aid in setting the mood. We love these marble candle holders that add an elaborate elegance to any space. Another great option is hanging elegant wall sconces for added light.

You can also surround yourself with a scent that’s pleasing to you with a candle, the plus side is that you can change it up with the seasons. For the holidays, we love Klaene Gray’s ‘hearth’ scent which combines orange, cinnamon, clove, frasier fir and pine notes.

Cozy Seating

There’s nothing like curling up in a chair with a good book, with either the fire cackling or the aroma of scented candles around. Find the right chair based on your overall living room style. This leather lounge chair is ideal for a modern rustic room, and tend to be a hit with the men.

For an elegant, more formal setting, arrange the furniture around the hearth, facing each other. Timeless chairs make a statement and a slipcovered sofa adds a softer touch and is ideal for year round designs. And after the guests leave, it's the perfect place to sprawl out on your own.

Blankets and throws

Get even more comfortable in your seat by adding a cozy blanket to snuggle under. A little texture goes a long way. Knotted throws and furry stools keep things cushy and layers of patterned pillows are easy ways to get snug. Consider yourself lucky if you have a built in banquette on each side of the mantel! 

image via Atlanta Magazine

image via Atlanta Magazine

his tip is beneficial for those that are working without a fireplace.. For a little more warmth and luxury, grab the Bella Notte quilt from the bedroom or a Matteo thermal throw.

Tabletop Lamp

While the soft subtle flow of fire is soothing to all, it’s not necessarily soothing to our eyes , so consider adding a table lamp to achieve the perfect ambiance. Our favorite tabletop lamp is the Hibiscus. The translucent glass base adds a contemporary flair that works with all styles and the glass will reflect the fire light.

And after you're all set up with a chair and a blanket, and a lamp, it's time to curl up with a good book! Choose something uplifting and meaningful.

What’s your favorite way to cozy up the hearth?