6 Steps for Trimming Your Tree

It’s that time of the year already, and alot of us enjoy having the tree ready to go on Thanksgiving. At Gardenology, we trimmed our 12 footers back in September, and we even got festive enough to break out the upside-down tree in Encinitas. But it's been some time and now we’re going through trimming withdrawal. So we thought we would revisit the process and share some tips with you! It’s also suitable timing considering our holiday merchandise is currently 20% off! The key to a beautiful tree is layer, layer layer...


Don’t be afraid to break away from the traditional tree skirt. Putting the base of your tree in an urn or pot will give added height and a new look to a traditional feel. Ask a male family member to help and make sure the base is tightly secured and weighted down.


It just doesn’t feel like the holiday season without twinkle lights, and understandably, no Christmas tree is complete without that first ingredient. Start with soft white lights or get creative with color. Wrap the lights around the tree working from the top to the bottom, paying attention to consistent spacing throughout.


Dangling ornaments in silver and gold create a reflection of the light. Irridescent orbs and symmetrical shapes will add sophistication. The ornaments you choose will reflect a certain mood or theme to your tree, but how to place them? Start by hanging your largest ornaments first, positioning them further down the tree branch, closer to the trunk.  Large ornaments are a good way to disguise awkward spaces between branches. Smaller ornaments hang best when positioned farther out on the branch.


Sprinkle the smaller pieces throughout, but work in groups of three for impact. Cluster medium sized ornaments into pairs. When working on these small groupings, as long as the size is similar in each group, you can include a range of colors and textures to make things eclectic but still uniform.

Also, don’t forget the bottom of the tree. By adding larger pieces below the bottom branch, it makes the tree look larger and gives a balanced look from top to bottom.



Adding garland or swirling ribbon breaks up the tree visually. Weave in strips of pine cone garland for a rustic look, or a snow covered berry garland for a wintry look. Whatever garland suits your style, a good rule of thumb is to incorporate it every 3 feet.

This is a signature Gardenology step- include floral elements. We love adding magnolia bursts throughout the tree or glittering silver leaves with dangling beads. Consider combining different stems together and work as you would with a vase, large to small, concentrating floral at the top for a bold statement.


Finally, add the unexpected! Whether its bird nests, picture frames or special ornaments that have meaning for you. Handmade ornaments by the kids, family heirlooms and other memorable finds you have collected can be attached to the ends of the branches so they are in the forefront, creating moments to share the sentimental story behind each one.  

That wraps up the layers of the tree. Stop in this week while our holiday merchandise is on sale and get your tree ready for the holiday weekend.