A Trip Down Memory Lane..

Having just started the process of saying goodbye, we've been so touched by the kind words and wonderful wishes from our clients and colleagues. We couldn't help reminiscing and thumbing through old photos. Maybe some of you remember the early days when we had a large amount of garden relics, live plants and even green furniture, and we mean the color green- the eco-friendly term didn't exist yet! So take a trip down memory lane with us, from the beginning of our Encinitas store in 2003 to unique products we carried in the past to some of the fun times we've had along the way.

005_2 (2).JPG

We found this gem - the corner of the 101 in Encinitas. Here's our storefront before we put the side window in, complete with 'coming soon' signs and a phone booth! And below, is the finishing touch complete with our sign.

Here's our interior when we used to have a back door, before the back office took over. And the fixture pictured below might look familiar- it's the one that inspired the gate in our logo!

Did we mention that garden relics were our biggest seller when we opened? In addition to the many planters and pots we've stacked on our vintage farm table (which is newly up for sale) , there were even fountains and large round vessels filled with live greenery.

Some of our bestselling artwork items are pictured. This Moonlight Beach sign that we commissioned inspired by a NYC street sign was a hit, even though the directions are actually incorrect for locals in the know. Some of you might also remember these gorgeous Italian frescoes.

This sweet little angel was a score! We think it came from a graveyard headstone. And depending on who you ask (Lili remembers them as old bingo ball holders while Fletcher thinks they are upside light fixtures) these oversize round glass vases were a favorite of the clients and staff.

Life size terrariums were unique to Gardenology. And white bedding has always been a staple, though we used to be more experimental with the headboards before we got our canopy bed.

Here's our Encinitas wall behind the register before it was gray. We will be sad to see the large vintage mirror that the team primps in every morning, but it's nice to know it will likely find a good home after our sale. And below is the Newport Beach cashwrap being built, complete with a concrete top that had to be delivered by crane.

And of course we've had some fun along the way, the ringleader usually being TJ as he was merchandising away. Some of you may not recognize him with a full head of hair!

Thanks for reminiscing with us and being a part of our journey. We have already received so much support and love, if you have any memories, please remind us in the comments below! Keep in mind, we're not quite ready to sign off on the blog just yet- we might be featuring some unique product deals once our sale begins on December 15th, so stay tuned!