Meet the Local Artist: Chanel of Dixie on Dallas

Next Saturday, we're keeping it local! In Encinitas, we will be sharing our space with San Diego calligraphy artist Dixie on Dallas, from 11-2. Stop by and say hi while she creates handwritten quotes and greeting cards, We caught up with Chanel, the creator behind the brand, to learn a little more about her creative process and of course, her fave local spots.

GARDENOLOGY: Tell us how you got started in Calligraphy?

CHANEL- DIXIE ON DALLAS: It was about a year and half ago when I took my first workshop, ever. It was the first time I had ever tried anything like this. I signed up for a workshop with Twinkle & Toast and Grace & Salt. Taryn from Twinkle & Toast was the calligrapher, while Grace & Salt hosted the workshop in their shop in Del Mar. It was such a fun class and even though my calligraphy was terrible in the beginning, I loved it. I continued to practice, follow the trends and explore new options. I’m still in the learning stages, but I love being a part of the community and industry.

GARDENOLOGY: What would you say is the inspiration behind your designs? What does the creative process typically look like for you?

CHANEL- DIXIE ON DALLAS: My inspiration is simple - it’s things that I like and things that I think other people like. I pull quotes that inspire me, my favorite country songs and sayings from people who I admire. Naturally, I get things from Pinterest and other sites that I follow and see what people are looking at. I make things that I think people want in their homes and sell them for reasonable prices so all can enjoy!

GARDENOLOGY: What’s your studio space like?

CHANEL- DIXIE ON DALLAS: My studio space is my childhood bedroom. I’m still living with my parents and my “studio” is some-what of a joke. It ranges from my closet, my sister’s bedroom, and even the garage. I have a full time job as well, so much of my process and orders are done on the weekend or late nights. Ideally, I would love one of those dark wood and white desks that you see girls posting on Instagram. I’m hoping to have my own space by the end of year where I can have more freedom and room for more creative adventures.

GARDENOLOGY: Of everything you've made, what's your favorite piece?

CHANEL- DIXIE ON DALLAS: My favorite is the windows. I have 2 done right now, but also have 4 other ones that are blank that I'm saving for custom orders. They are so beautiful and represent my style so well. Since the windows I get are vintage and antique, their rustic frames matched with the clean lines of calligraphy are so fun to make and create for people.

GARDENOLOGY: Since you are participating in our 'Local Love' event, what are some of your faves in the San Diego area?


Museum: Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla and the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park

Tacos: It’s more Mexican food in general, but El Azteca in La Mesa.

Coffee: The Champ from Dark Horse Coffee Roasters in North Park

Beach: Torrey Pines

Brunch spot: Snooze Eatery in Hillcrest