5 Reasons We Love Cisco Brothers

We tend to pay attention to healthy ingredients when it comes to our food, but sometimes forget about how things might be affecting us in our home. Healthy materials are the foundation for a healthy home. Cisco strives to use the finest methods and most responsibly sourced, all-natural ingredients in the furniture that they produce. Comfort and safety are carefully balanced with style and structure to define a unique collection. Read on for 5 of the most notable things in Cisco's production process.

In addition to supporting the American economy and sticking to fair labor and safety standards, another reason for purchasing American made product is the environment. Cisco Brothers, based in Los Angeles, is keeping the world a little cleaner for future generations while also setting up relevant jobs.

Is sustainability important to you? The backbone of Cisco's furniture is the sturdy construction and framing made entirely of FSC Certified wood. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification is the best indicator that the wood is coming from a responsibly managed forest, following strict guidelines regarding environmental impact and workers rights.

When you customize a piece of Cisco furniture, you can choose everything from the fill to the cushion to the fabrics that cover it. Cisco has a range of options for every preference, taste or budget. Fills and fabrics are sourced from farms as a by-product to other industries and washed in biodegradable emulsifiers and environmentally friendly detergents.

There's more to environmentally-friendly stains and finishes than meets the eye. Unfortunately, many finishes contain harmful petroleum and chemical-based solvents that emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which compromise your home’s indoor air quality and damage your health when inhaled. Cisco Brothers offers a plant-based natural oil stain for wood finishes on your furniture.


8-Way Hand Tied is the most intricate seating support systems available and the most comfortable. At Cisco Brothers, all 8-way support systems are hand tied into a hardwood frame to ensure they never squeak or rust, giving you more for your money.

We still have some Cisco pieces left so stop by soon!