Who are you in the Sack - the Escapist?

Do you like to live like you're on vacation- serene French countryside retreats, earthy mountain resorts or calm seaside living? You don't have to travel far to feel like you're on holiday. POM POM and AMITY HOME offer the right mix of natural elements and layers to achieve a high-end, tranquil feeling.

Adding some print and texture creates a bohemian vibe, reminiscent of ethnic destinations that open the mind. POM POM'S embroidered Annable collection in flax brings on that mindset. Adding a paisley print in a soft pop of color and natural fiber accessories keeps the look streamlined but unique.

Layers of lace and cotton complimented by antiqued brass or bronze lend a French provincial look to any room. AMITY's Bianca collection's ruffles and linen add to this rural version of Parisian style.

Vintage-inspired in all the right ways, POM POM's dreamy, soft cotton crochet forms a subtle zigzag pattern descending to sophisticated stringy ends- reminiscent of a romantic countryside getaway. Quilted details keep things charming and comfortable.

Both POM POM and AMITY HOME are available special order through Gardenology.