5 DIY Floral Arrangements for Mom

Still stuck on what to get for Mom? Well it's no secret that we love our botanicals- so it only seems fitting that we spread our enthusiasm just in time for Mother's Day. Consider a DIY permanent floral arrangement- a personalized gift put together by you will bring Mom back to the good ole days when you brought home a crafty wreath from school. Bonus, our botanicals won't be obsolete in a week. An arrangement is basically a canvas that can be changed for future moods and seasons, so you're giving mom a reason to indulge in her creative side. Today, we chose 5 of our absolute favorite arrangements that take on personalities of their own.


1- The Romantic

We paired Allium clusters with dusty seagrass and greenery and layered in Queen Anne's lace for added height. The hand blown melting hurricane glass adds an organic feel to the romantic aesthetic. Can't quite treat Mom to a trip to Paris? Then bring the romance to her.


2- The Classic Beauty

Strings of White orchids and contrasting red dogwood branches create a timeless look.  A simple hand blown glass bubble vase creates the foundation for a stylistically versatile arrangement year round that goes perfectly on a contemporary shelf against a dark wall.


3- The Californian

These desert-dwellers make a perfectly understated accent for any room. Remember to work in odd numbers, using pieces of varying texture and layer in moss! We chose a rectangular concrete vessel so as not to detract from these statement makers.


 4- The Dreamer

Utilizing an earthy clay pot for an understated neutral base, we added bunches of hydrangeas in different sizes and shades complimented by ferns and seed spray to create an ethereal arrangement that's perfect for Mom's bedside table.


5- The Minimalist

And our last arrangement is for the Mom that taught you how to organize and minimize your clutter. We opted for simplicity with a touch of whimsy by adding a singular ivory bud branch to a matte white bottle vase with an arbitrary handle. Add it to a concrete accent table for an instant statement.

And remember, our design team is always on hand to help out and make suggestions!