Color of the Month : Decorating with Amethyst

Not only does an amethyst stone act as a beautiful decor accent with healing properties, but the color itself can have the same effect in a home. While the gem can take many tones, we chose to focus on the smokey, lavender hue, which is complimented nicely by neutrals and warm woods.  So let's take a look at some of our favorite ways to showcase our June color of the month.

Amethyst Walls and Floors

Photo via  Apartment Therapy

Purple on the walls and floors? It sounds daring, but look how great it can turn out! If the combination of a colored wall and floor scare you, opt to do one of the other. Either way, the soft hues of Amethyst look surreal against stark black and white pieces.


Amethyst Furniture

Image via  Planete-Deco

Image via Planete-Deco

We love the idea of a neutral, rustic home having a pop of color and amethyst is soft enough to flatter warm woods and grays. A zebra rug adds to the glam while classical antiques tone it down. We love warm wood furnishings, get an idea of what we havehere.


Amethyst Bedroom

images via Bella Notte Linens

images via Bella Notte Linens

Keep the bedroom bright and airy with some velvet amethyst pillows. the velvet keeps the violet hue subdued for a dreamy look against a white fluffy bed. Bella Notte knows how to do purples best, get the look here.


Amethyst Tabletop

Amethyst linen, yes please! We love how this natural textile is combined with handcrafted ceramics, organic flatware and earthy gems - see some of our favorite tabletop accents here. The wine colored accents present an unlikely contrast that somehow neutralizes the whole palette.

Image via  Anna Dean Studio

And we couldn't leave out a centerpiece! Select a range of succulents with soft greens and pinks and finished off with Echeveria 'afterglow' (the amethyst succulents). Visit our botanicals page to get an idea of the fun pieces you can play with for your own personal centerpiece.