Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's day is right around the corner! And yes, we know that our industry is skewed towards women. But that's not to say that we don't have some gifts that cater to men. The best gifts are usually the ones you would never buy for yourself, so go for the unexpected! Have a look at our curated selection of unique options that work for any Dad.

For the Couch Potato Dad:


Whether he's a sports fanatic or a Game of Thrones marathoner, a cozy throw blanket makes the experience that much more memorable. Add a bowl of popcorn with that special sauce and Dad may invite you to join him. This remarkably cozy knitted throw comes in an array of colors.


For the Craft Beer Enthusiast Dad

Some might consider Southern California the craft beer mecca, so it's no surprise that the men out here appreciate a strong, aromatic IPA. Get Dad his own glass or set of glasses to enjoy it in. Consider adding a growler from his fave local brewery and you have a thoughtful, creative gift!


For the Intellectual Dad

If Dad likes to read and appreciates a sense of style, then these high quality reading glasses will conjure a sharp image and a smack of attitude. Made in Italy with top-grade plastics and high tech metals, they fit comfortably and can be converted to prescriptions.


For the Designer Dad

Dubbed 'The Man Chair' this is the go-to spot in our store for husbands to wait while their wives meander. It never fails, Men just migrate towards the rich leather and upright arms of this crafty chair. The handcrafted hardwood combined with the leather texture create a sophisticated elegance.


For the Animal Lover Dad

If Dad's right hand man is Fido, and if Dad also tends to blame Fido for household mistakes, this book might make him a little more sympathetic. It takes a humorous look into the mind of a dog. Bonus, there's a cat version, too!


For the Worker Bee Dad

If Dad's tool shed is afright, consider this adult toy box. A great way to get organized, bonus it's mobile so he can take his tools to another room to use them. We have personalized crates with your location such as Encinitas, Solana Beach, Newport Beach and more in stores while supplies last.

For the Nautical Dad

Whether Dad has a boat or dreams of owning one, a high-quality indoor/outdoor rug will transform any space into a nautical theme. Since this rug can be used outdoors, keep it on the boat to add a little style, or for those without a boat, use it to create an intimate space to relax and feel like you're on the open sea all the same.