Outdoor Design Trends of 2016

Coming off two weekends of lovely weather, one of which was a holiday, we can’t help but have patio envy. After spending lots of time outdoors here in Southern California, we’ve been getting inspired left and right. Have a read about some of our favorite outdoor trends we’ve been seeing for the Summer.


Neutral color palettes in outdoor spaces are not something we are used to seeing. Most decorators opt for a bright, bold print or a nautical stripe. But new trends are showing neutrals can be just as impactful when accented by warm woods and natural greenery. These soothing hues let the greenery provide the pop of color and keep the look organic.

image via  Elle Decor

image via Elle Decor


The use of pallets in outdoor design has long been an outdoor solution, and flea market finds sometimes offer better quality, and less bling with natural materials. Update these furnishings with modern fabrics that are durable. For a charming garden look, arrange a variety of mismatched dining chairs around the table. Vintage textiles will add to the charm.

image via  Sunset Mag

image via Sunset Mag


A raised garden bed or container gardening is ideal for those that don’t have access to a full yard with space. Another trend is sustainable garden design, meaning drought tolerant plants for water-free gardening. This is something that is particularly important in California. Naturescaping and edible landscapes make it easier for a garden to tabletop lifestyle, being able to enjoy fresh, local ingredients in a dish at your own home.

image via  hometalk

image via hometalk


This is a credo we have always gone by, but extending the outdoor living space the same way as any room inside your home has finally been accepted by the masses. Even outdoor kitchens have become increasingly functional. Thanks to advances in all-weather materials, furnishings and accessories, it’s a safe investment that will bring a new level of comfort to our outdoor space.


A hot trend, pun intended, is that of outdoor fireplaces. Gone are the days of tiki torches, homeowners are opting for a full fireplace that provide an ambient warmth to the space.  Just another take on the outdoor room.

image via  on the veranda

image via on the veranda


Besides figuring out how to incorporate edible gardens into the landscape, some homeowners are also adding chickens and honey bees. Round out your complete garden to table meal with eggs and honey.

What are some of the favorite trends you have spotted this year?