Architectural Digest: 3 Refreshing Quotes from the August Issue

If you hadn’t already heard through the grapevine, Architectural Digest has a new kid in town. The former editor-in-chief Margaret Russell has stepped down, making way for a new face – Amy Astley, formerly of Teen Vogue. Supported by the likes of Anna Wintour, Astley will be charged with reimagining and significantly expanding the 96 yr old brand’s digital presence and sensibility.

And we love the direction it’s going in! Not only did we notice a lack of big-box retailer mentions and ads (who shall remain nameless), but the new editor-in-chief opened this issue with a perfect quote from designer Maximo Bonetti:

"If people who can afford incredible decors keep commissioning bland minimalist interiors- which, I admit, are much easier to sell- It’s the end of decoration."

After this quote, we couldn’t help ourselves from thumbing through the issue.  We got inspired to share some of the fantastic quotes we found throughout the issue with you, particularly the satisfied clients’ refreshing thoughts on the designers they were working with.


Client: Italy’s renowned Caltagirone Family
Designer: Count Manfredi Della Gherardesca

The effervescent art collector Ginevra Caltagirone says of the collaboration with her designer friend:

“Manfredi is an absolute genius with color. Like the way I relate to art, we selected furnishings that speak to me- things that have character and soul. It’s been a journey making this a home. I feel like I’ve found the correct place, the place I belong."


Client: a young family
Designer: Mark Cunningham – known for his work with Ralph Lauren

Happy with their finished Greenwich residence, the dynamic this family attributed to the designer approach, and as it turns out, the key to creating their ideal family home, is as follows:

"When we met him, instead of telling us about all the big names he’d work for, he asked us how we lived, what we thought about the space, where we eat breakfast. It was refreshing."


Client: three generations of a local family
Designer: Mattia Bonetti

One of the sons from the family, who happens to be an adventuresome art collector, says of the designer:

"Once you’ve chosen a decorator, you should allow them the freedom to do what they like and just walk away. I hate designers who present mood boards for me to choose this or that. Mattia knows what we like. We live in such a strange world, where people want brand names and what their friends have. They pick style 1, 2 or 3. Mattia, on the other hand is so unexpected – and I want him to express what he wants."

And don't miss the gorgeous spread on Anderson Cooper's Brazilian retreat. What do you think of Amy Astley’s fresh new view for Architectural Digest?