5 Items to give your home that Cozy Nordic Style

Hygge is a Danish word that encapsulates the Nordic sensibility meaning “cozy warmth” — a Danish ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures, creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with friends and family. This starts with creating a gracious home and atmosphere that is filled with light and well-loved items. Hygge is not something that can be bought or created by a designer. But we have 5 items that you can add to your home in your own personal way to create this Nordic state of contentment- items that fill you with everyday joy when you use them…

Photos: Jeltje Janmaat - Source:  vtwonen

Photos: Jeltje Janmaat - Source: vtwonen

1- Icelandic sheep fur throw


Sometimes we find the simplest accessories bring great comfort and this time of year it’s all things furry and fuzzy. These furry throws are the perfect size for any room. Consider throwing one over a desk chair, accenting the end of the bed, over a stool or even as a rug. The fluffy piece lightens a room while simultaneously adding a touch of warmth.


2- Rattan flat Baskets


Neatness and simplicity in the home create a clear and happy state of being. What better way to achieve this than using an interestingly shaped rattan basket in a room for additional storage- think rolled up knit blankets or even tasteful magazines.


3- Rattan Chair


Nordic style starts with a love of design, nature, light and living the good life. Add harmony to a home with natural elements like rattan, the curves on this chair contrast nicely with clean, modern pieces.


4- Round Glass Vase


Find beauty in everyday things, these simple hand blown glass vases can be changed easily to reflect your current mood. Keep the room open and alive with the addition of plenty of greenery. Plant stems instantly reflect the beauty of nature, and simultaneously using grey tones and warm woods will express the chilly northern climate of Scandinavia.

Kristofer Johnsson

Kristofer Johnsson

5- Small Cement Storage Boxes


Who said monochromatic was boring? The grey accents in this space look amazing and combining different textures keeps things interesting and comfortable. Use different accessories like these cement storage boxes to organize and declutter, keeping the mind clear and happy.

Image via Pella Hedeby

Image via Pella Hedeby

Do you love the cozy Nordic style? What's your favorite way to incorporate 'hygge' into your home?

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