Vintage Architectural Elements

As we say goodbye to our wonderful clients, we also have to part ways with our wonderful pieces. Some of the unique vintage items have been with Gardenology from the beginning. One-of-a-kind items recognized and unearthed thanks to Lili's keen eye. Some of our favorite pieces are featured below- think about how you can add them to your home!


These doors have opened a number of design possibilities for our visuals team, having served as a backdrop for our assorted vignettes in Encinitas. Below, we featured them behind a white sofa styled with putty colored pillows, with some of the windows open to let the light and air flow through. We like to think of these as a substantial and functional room divider.

window pane door.png


If anyone has a stellar window collection, it's us. Not that we know many people that collect old windows. But these guys have been great pieces for us. Some are in their original state, while others are painted Gardenology Gray, with a mirrored back behind the glass. In the patio display below, we hung the windows as both a backdrop and above the seating area, draped in greenery to create an ethereal nook.


These will make you look twice at a dilapidated old factory. These pieces come from European factories, the arch on top making them an unusual shape. These add an instant industrial style to any room. Available in 2 sizes, one tall and one shorter but wider, these frames can be used to add some contrast a drama to a simple white wall as shown below.


These three wooden panels with a lattice top and slatted bottom came from India, likely used as a partition for what we imagine as a gorgeous room. The weathered wood is a great way to add a rustic element to an otherwise pristine room- . Each panel measures 3 feet by 10 feet. Together they have served as a unique wall in Encinitas, and super easy to hang things from.


There's nothing like beautiful weathered wood- and we have a couple sets of these beauties. Our favorite idea for these? Install them into a custom frame for a truly beautiful and functioning door.


Perhaps you bought the 'Patina Style' book from us when we have it. Well if you are still inspired by this look, we've got just the thing for you. Worn to perfection from shades of brown and green, these old shutters are ideal for creating a cozy, rustic outdoor space- which is exactly where we used them. 


Add a little glam with these 2 pairs of vintage wood frame doors can be used together or separately. In the photo below, we can picture these being used in a large room or even a studio to create a partition- how about an office where you need privacy but still need to see what's going on on through the looking glass...


And finally, these arch beauties imported from Fance look sharp against a dark wall. Here's an idea from the picture below, shift the frame over a few feet to serve as a unique headboard.

That wraps up our vintage architectural elements. We are sad to say goodbye to these, but hope that our ideas will inspire someone to adopt them and bring them to a new and happy home!