Behind the Scenes

A Trip Down Memory Lane..

Having just started the process of saying goodbye, we've been so touched by the kind words and wonderful wishes from our clients and colleagues. We couldn't help reminiscing and thumbing through old photos. Maybe some of you remember the early days when we had a large amount of garden relics, live plants and even green furniture, and we mean the color green- the eco-friendly term didn't exist yet! So take a trip down memory lane with us, from the beginning of our Encinitas store in 2003 to unique products we carried in the past to some of the fun times we've had along the way.

005_2 (2).JPG

We found this gem - the corner of the 101 in Encinitas. Here's our storefront before we put the side window in, complete with 'coming soon' signs and a phone booth! And below, is the finishing touch complete with our sign.

Here's our interior when we used to have a back door, before the back office took over. And the fixture pictured below might look familiar- it's the one that inspired the gate in our logo!

Did we mention that garden relics were our biggest seller when we opened? In addition to the many planters and pots we've stacked on our vintage farm table (which is newly up for sale) , there were even fountains and large round vessels filled with live greenery.

Some of our bestselling artwork items are pictured. This Moonlight Beach sign that we commissioned inspired by a NYC street sign was a hit, even though the directions are actually incorrect for locals in the know. Some of you might also remember these gorgeous Italian frescoes.

This sweet little angel was a score! We think it came from a graveyard headstone. And depending on who you ask (Lili remembers them as old bingo ball holders while Fletcher thinks they are upside light fixtures) these oversize round glass vases were a favorite of the clients and staff.

Life size terrariums were unique to Gardenology. And white bedding has always been a staple, though we used to be more experimental with the headboards before we got our canopy bed.

Here's our Encinitas wall behind the register before it was gray. We will be sad to see the large vintage mirror that the team primps in every morning, but it's nice to know it will likely find a good home after our sale. And below is the Newport Beach cashwrap being built, complete with a concrete top that had to be delivered by crane.

And of course we've had some fun along the way, the ringleader usually being TJ as he was merchandising away. Some of you may not recognize him with a full head of hair!

Thanks for reminiscing with us and being a part of our journey. We have already received so much support and love, if you have any memories, please remind us in the comments below! Keep in mind, we're not quite ready to sign off on the blog just yet- we might be featuring some unique product deals once our sale begins on December 15th, so stay tuned!

Behind the Scenes w/ Hilde Leiaghat of Pom Pom Bedding

We're getting ready to welcome Hilde to both of our stores this week, where she will be talking a little more about her inspiration and aesthetic, the linens she chooses and the production process, as well as showing us how to make up a cozy bed and giving suggestions for your own home. But first, we wanted to learn a little more about the brand and her every day life, read on!

GARDENOLOGY: What would you say is the inspiration behind your designs?

HILDE: My inspiration comes from growing up in Belgium and having linen as an essential in my everyday life. After moving to California and developing an appreciation for a relaxed lifestyle and coastal look, I was able to create Pom Pom which has both a casual and elegant style.

I don’t have a specific design process but it usually starts from gathering collections of images that inspire me.  It could be an abstract image of colors, the lace on a dress or a building architecture; just a variety and mix of things that I not only encounter from my travels around the world and experiencing different cultures or lifestyles, but also from my daily life.

Story board    
    Inspired by the beautiful colors you find at the beach, new textures recently introduced in the line such as cotton sateen, waffle textured linen and hand crochets.   
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Story board Inspired by the beautiful colors you find at the beach, new textures recently introduced in the line such as cotton sateen, waffle textured linen and hand crochets.

GARDENOLOGY: What is your studio/office space like?

HILDE: I work and design in the open space of our ever changing showroom. This space allows me to play around with our samples, put them on the bed, and change things around. It is a place that encourages creativity and ideas. It’s really fun!

GARDENOLOGY: Was working together as a family something you expected would happen? Where do each of your roles and daily tasks differ?

HILDE: I am very fortunate to have both my sons work for Pom Pom at Home. I never expected this, but it has been such a blessing to be surrounded by my family. They are all tough critics but we all want the best for this company! My husband Reza and I are the creative force and do most of the traveling. Sam is VP of sales and Michael is our business development manager.

GARDENOLOGY: What do you do to relax?

HILDE: Since we are always busy in the city, I often try to escape for a weekend to Malibu beach or the Arrowhead Mountains. When staying home, we enjoy sharing a meal with good friends in our garden.

GARDENOLOGY: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

HILDE: My father always told me, “Never do anything I wouldn’t do.” I’ve lived by this quote my entire life.  I was fortunate enough to have extremely hard working and loving parents.  My mother is my biggest inspiration because of her positive outlook on life.   All I wish to be is the same example for my sons.

Don't forget to RSVP to our event to meet Hilde, and receive 20% Off Pom Pom AND a free scarf when you spend $100. RSVP

5 Reasons We Love Cisco Brothers

We tend to pay attention to healthy ingredients when it comes to our food, but sometimes forget about how things might be affecting us in our home. Healthy materials are the foundation for a healthy home. Cisco strives to use the finest methods and most responsibly sourced, all-natural ingredients in the furniture that they produce. Comfort and safety are carefully balanced with style and structure to define a unique collection. Read on for 5 of the most notable things in Cisco's production process.

In addition to supporting the American economy and sticking to fair labor and safety standards, another reason for purchasing American made product is the environment. Cisco Brothers, based in Los Angeles, is keeping the world a little cleaner for future generations while also setting up relevant jobs.

Is sustainability important to you? The backbone of Cisco's furniture is the sturdy construction and framing made entirely of FSC Certified wood. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification is the best indicator that the wood is coming from a responsibly managed forest, following strict guidelines regarding environmental impact and workers rights.

When you customize a piece of Cisco furniture, you can choose everything from the fill to the cushion to the fabrics that cover it. Cisco has a range of options for every preference, taste or budget. Fills and fabrics are sourced from farms as a by-product to other industries and washed in biodegradable emulsifiers and environmentally friendly detergents.

There's more to environmentally-friendly stains and finishes than meets the eye. Unfortunately, many finishes contain harmful petroleum and chemical-based solvents that emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which compromise your home’s indoor air quality and damage your health when inhaled. Cisco Brothers offers a plant-based natural oil stain for wood finishes on your furniture.


8-Way Hand Tied is the most intricate seating support systems available and the most comfortable. At Cisco Brothers, all 8-way support systems are hand tied into a hardwood frame to ensure they never squeak or rust, giving you more for your money.

We still have some Cisco pieces left so stop by soon!

Meet the Maker: Monica of Montes Doggett

With the addition of this new collection of white ceramic tabletop and serving pieces, we thought we'd introduce you to the creative brain behind the brand. You may have seen the collection in House Beautiful or on the Food Network, with intentional imperfections on traditional shapes, giving it the character that creates memories cherished by the family for decades. So let's delve into Monica Porter's world. 

GARDENOLOGY: Where do you get your inspiration?

MONICA: A palette for good food is always an inspiration! When guests are coming to dinner, it can take me 30 minutes to get ready, 45 minutes to prepare the meal .. but it takes me 2 hours to set the table! Both my mother and mother-in-law (the Montes and the Doggett) shared a passion for the home and table, so I wanted to continue the tradition of creating memories at the table.

left : Pinterest | right: NE Home Mag

left : Pinterest | right: NE Home Mag

GARDENOLOGY: What's your favorite food to serve on Montes Doggett?

MONICA: A good traditional Mexican dish, since that's where my roots are. But something as simple as a sliced tomato also looks amazing on a white plate, or chicken noodle soup will find comfort in a simple bowl. I love the versatility of each piece so a serving bowl in the pantry can easily be a fruit bowl on a kitchen island, as well as an art piece on the bookshelf.

GARDENOLOGY: What is your production process like?

MONICA: Clay of the highest quality is ground, shaped and fired for durability and to make each piece lead-free and appliance safe. From hand throwing in the wheel, to construction with clay slabs- each piece is shaped to beautiful imperfection. Amazing and skilled artisans understand the simplicity of our designs, and are able to highlight the beauty and character of handmade pottery.


GARDENOLOGY: How do you like to display your product?

MONICA: Monochromatic, clean and simple displays or cabinets. I love being a part of the tradeshows and showrooms, from setup to breakdown, and meeting with new and repeat buyers. Getting one-on-one time allows me the opportunity to personally get feedback from my customers and their customers.

View the Montes Doggett Collection here, and stop in to prepare your Holiday tabletop!