6 Steps for Trimming Your Tree

It’s that time of the year already, and alot of us enjoy having the tree ready to go on Thanksgiving. At Gardenology, we trimmed our 12 footers back in September, and we even got festive enough to break out the upside-down tree in Encinitas. But it's been some time and now we’re going through trimming withdrawal. So we thought we would revisit the process and share some tips with you! It’s also suitable timing considering our holiday merchandise is currently 20% off! The key to a beautiful tree is layer, layer layer...


Don’t be afraid to break away from the traditional tree skirt. Putting the base of your tree in an urn or pot will give added height and a new look to a traditional feel. Ask a male family member to help and make sure the base is tightly secured and weighted down.


It just doesn’t feel like the holiday season without twinkle lights, and understandably, no Christmas tree is complete without that first ingredient. Start with soft white lights or get creative with color. Wrap the lights around the tree working from the top to the bottom, paying attention to consistent spacing throughout.


Dangling ornaments in silver and gold create a reflection of the light. Irridescent orbs and symmetrical shapes will add sophistication. The ornaments you choose will reflect a certain mood or theme to your tree, but how to place them? Start by hanging your largest ornaments first, positioning them further down the tree branch, closer to the trunk.  Large ornaments are a good way to disguise awkward spaces between branches. Smaller ornaments hang best when positioned farther out on the branch.


Sprinkle the smaller pieces throughout, but work in groups of three for impact. Cluster medium sized ornaments into pairs. When working on these small groupings, as long as the size is similar in each group, you can include a range of colors and textures to make things eclectic but still uniform.

Also, don’t forget the bottom of the tree. By adding larger pieces below the bottom branch, it makes the tree look larger and gives a balanced look from top to bottom.



Adding garland or swirling ribbon breaks up the tree visually. Weave in strips of pine cone garland for a rustic look, or a snow covered berry garland for a wintry look. Whatever garland suits your style, a good rule of thumb is to incorporate it every 3 feet.

This is a signature Gardenology step- include floral elements. We love adding magnolia bursts throughout the tree or glittering silver leaves with dangling beads. Consider combining different stems together and work as you would with a vase, large to small, concentrating floral at the top for a bold statement.


Finally, add the unexpected! Whether its bird nests, picture frames or special ornaments that have meaning for you. Handmade ornaments by the kids, family heirlooms and other memorable finds you have collected can be attached to the ends of the branches so they are in the forefront, creating moments to share the sentimental story behind each one.  

That wraps up the layers of the tree. Stop in this week while our holiday merchandise is on sale and get your tree ready for the holiday weekend.

Pantone Color(s) of the Year 2016: In the Bedroom

With the new year comes a new Pantone color of the year, or should we say ‘colors’ of the year. 2016 marks the first year that 2 colors were crowned the top spot, and Pantone experts kept them in a similar range, angling for gentler colors. Pantone claims the shades represent consumers' quest for mindfulness and a reflection of culture's increasing acceptance of gender fluidity. Meet the Winners:

Photo | Pantone

Photo | Pantone

Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace. While it’s hard to get past a nursery mindset when looking at these pastels, these hues really can be sophisticated and chic. In the name of home decor, we’re giving you a primer on how to incorporate the colors into your bedroom—without turning it into a pastel playground.


The obvious and easy route for using Rose Quartz in the bedroom is to keep it soft and ladylike. Choose to use it in rooms that exude femininity, like the bedroom or bath. By candlelight it will provide a luminous tone in the room, creating a flattering and soothing ambiance.


The more interesting thing to do is to take some dark rich grounding colors—some charcoal, navy, deep rich brown, even burnt orange is gorgeous with these colors—and create a sophisticated palette using Serenity and Rose Quartz as accents.

photo | Pine Cone Hill

photo | Pine Cone Hill



To combine the colors for use in one look, keep it playful by using patterns. The colors come together in a pattern and make an ideal accent to an otherwise solid base. Beyond the watercolor floral print shown here, these colors will also work as a paisley, or in a plaid.

To shop any of the looks above, stop in and see our Bella Notte and Pine Cone Hill Bedding, among others.

Workshop Recap : Tablescaping 101

Tis the season for holiday decorating, and that means everything from the tree to the table. In case you couldn’t attend our Tablescaping 101 workshop in November, have a look through our photos and read through to see what we learned. And don't forget, Tabletop is now 20% Off as part of our 12 Days of Giving.

A great starting point is to let the occasion/menu dictate the theme. With the holidays approaching, we featured a rustic holiday theme. After you choose your theme, build a foundation. Start with a textured tablecloth- we chose a simple natural linen. Once your foundation has anchored the color scheme, you can build the palette form there, but we suggest keeping it to 2-3 colors. We are purveyors of neutral tones, so our color comes mainly from the botanicals featured in the centerpiece.

Start with a base, we used garland to build a focal point off of. Since we used a longer table, we played with scale by interspersing pillar candles and votives at varying heights using rustic pots. Flowers add life and you can never go wrong with a vase full of peonies. We accented these with our bead spray, pine cones and ornaments.

Add depth to the table with serving pieces in different shapes and sizes. By using Montes Doggett’s sculptural ceramic serving bowls and pitchers, we mixed things up with a modern effect. To keep it interesting, we chose iron handled demitasse utensils.

Finally, choose your place settings. Mixing and matching china is de rigueur these days. We chose elegant Italian pieces from Vietri, adding a statement with the charger. Mixing and matching glassware is another key to creating a beautiful tablescape. The Vietri swirl glasses add a playful element while maintaining a subtlety that pulls everything together.

Stay tuned for more workshops in 2016!

Create a Welcome Home

Since our 12 days of Giving started today with 20% off furniture, we’re visiting each room with some tips on how to make your holiday gathering more comfortable and memorable for the whole family. Featured below are some of our favorite set-ups and furniture options by Cisco Brothers.

Need that picture perfect moment? Line the kids up on a timeless sofa in their holiday’s finest and create a memory to last a lifetime. Experiment with lighting to create that perfect cozy ambiance.

When it’s time to tear open the presents, make sure everyone has a view. Sectionals are perfect for creating an intimate circle where everyone can see eachother’s smiles and delightful reactions as they open their gifts. And don’t forget to give the room personality by piling on the pillows.

Whether you’re serving turkey, ham or whatever it may be... create a relaxed atmosphere where the conversation will flow over the wine and food. We love to create some excitement before the holiday meal with a gorgeous tablescape of branches, candles and lights.

After dinner when everyone has full stomachs and is winding down, those big comfy chairs are perfect for the adults to continue the dinner conversation while the kiddies will enjoy spreading out their new toys across a big ottoman.