Labor day may have passed, but California still has a plethora of sunny days to enjoy, so we consider it the ‘unofficial’ end of Summer. Either way, whether it’s because the kids are back in school or your Summer activities are winding down- September is a good time to spruce up the home. So we wanted to educate you on one of our newest product lines that will do just that: Skandinavisk–modern designed candles and diffusers out of, you guessed it, Scandinavia.

It's worth noting that Scandinavian has the world's happiest people, and they also happen to be the world's largest nation of candle users. The collection is designed in Denmark in a Copenhagen showroom, the perfume is produced in Grasse on the French Riviera, and the collection is hand-poured in France. With the clean, minimalist design that Scandinavians are known for, these scented products visually blend seamlessly into any room.  Read on for details about the specific styles and scents we have available at our Encinitas location.

SKANDINAVISK Candles + Diffusers

For the Fall, we are offering 2 sizes of candles. No matter which size you choose, each candle contains an engraved beechwood lid inside the box, designed to be used as a base for the lit candle and as a snuffer to extinguish the flame.

Scented Candles - Small

The small candles, 6.7 oz to be exact, are made up of a vegetable wax blend: a base of RSPO-certified sustainable palm wax with a touch of soy and coco waxes. RSPO stands for Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil; palm oil is responsible for large-scale forest conversion in the tropics and extensive carbon emissions; RSPO-certified companies are committed to harvesting palm berries and palm oil with the least amount of forest destruction. Each candle is hand-poured into a painted glass votive, the cotton wick will provide 50 hrs of burn time.

Scented Vase Candles - Large

The scented vase candles, 21.16 oz, feature 4 wicks- all of which are 100% cotton. With 75 hrs burn time, these will last you well into Fall. Made up of vegetable wax and food-grade mineral wax, these are hand-poured into a mouth-blown glass vase for a sleek look.


Experience the liquid side of Scandinavia. These minimally designed diffusers will provide you with 3 months of scent time.



Fjord (Norwegian) [F –YO R]

Coniferous forests, crashing waterfalls and abundant fruits magnify the drama of the Norwegian fjords. With joyous notes of woods and ripening orchards, blackcurrants and raspberry flowers.


Ro (Scandinavian for ‘tranquility) [R O]

Peace, calm tranquility from the kingdoms of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. A subtle symphony of fresh cut grass and crumpled leaves, ambered woods and hidden blankets in the dunes.


Koto (Old Finnish for ‘cosy at home’) [KO –TO]

A sanctuary from the rugged Nordic climate, an intimate space to refresh the soul. Promising delicate notes of Baltic amber and jasmine blended with exotic mandarin and vanilla.

And if you haven’t already fallen in love with the idea of bringing a sense of Scandinavia into your home, take a look at this beautiful video for a journey through the Scandinavian way of life- the focus on life’s small moments, the raw nature, and the endless summers.

The Outdoorsy Types..

Seeing as the weather is warming up and outdoor furniture is becoming more relevant, what better time to introduce you to some of the stars. The distinct personality of each brand really makes it feel like we have a family reunion every year when the outdoor season rolls around. We can't get enough of rearranging our showroom floor with our favorite pieces from these talents and think that you will enjoy them just as much in your own home.

Summer Classics

Founded in 1978, Summer Classics uses high quality resin wicker, cast aluminum, teak, and wrought iron, making the difference in the details. It is exciting and unexpected, timeless yet fashionable, combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative usage of diverse materials, making it a purchase for the future generations of your own family.

Lee Industries Outdoor

Established in 1969, Lee continues to run as a family owned and operated company, committed to the good of everyone, including the environment. Every masterpiece is built with pride in the USA. With four manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, 98% of the components in Lee products are supplied domestically. We just love a good carbon footprint.

Lane Venture

Lane Venture is a US based company that developed an exclusive Weathermaster outdoor cushion. All furniture pieces have hand-crafted finishes and high-fashion touches. Choose from hundreds of quality outdoor fabrics to express your unique style.

Janus Et Cie Outdoor

For more than 34 years, Janus et Cie has brought innovative products to the market with a commitment to outstanding quality and service. Used in some of the world's finest hotels, spas and restaurants, Janus et Cie provides the best furniture to sun in, dine in or simply look at. We agree that it is timeless, tasteful and makes a lasting impression.

Harbour Outdoor

For 37 years Harbour Outdoor has made furniture to reflect the great Australian lifestyle and outdoor culture. The concept is to reflect contemporary culture, sense and anticipate trends, and respond to changes in taste and living needs resulting in a range that is able to blend with any different landscape or climate setting, modern as well as classical, outside as well as inside. We can concur that it certainly blends with the California lifestyle.

So there you have it. Take a trip to one of our stores and you just might find the perfect fit! Our outdoor sale continues while supplies last.

The Art of Layering Rugs

Rug Buying, it can be difficult. And what if you can’t decide between two (or more)? We say buy both and layer your floor! Many design predicaments can be solved this way, and we love the idea of layering rugs in an indoor or outdoor space. Read on for some of the easiest ways to layer rugs. 

image via

image via

Base Rugs for Layering

A good starting point is finding a large base rug that fits your entire space, meaning all the furniture you plan to use will fit comfortably on this main rug. A natural sisal or Jute rug is ideal as a base so you can add a smaller patterned or textured rug that can be changed out as you wish. Or if you've found the perfect pattern and just need to double the space in an interesting way, consider layering the same rug.

Image via  Jam Design

Image via Jam Design


Separate Spaces Using Layered Rugs

If you have a space that needs a large rug to define it, create sections within that space on top of your base rug. This is ideal for a loftlike space or rooms that can support two purposes. Highlight a seating area, or separate the dining area from the lounge.

image via

image via

image via

image via

When separating multiple areas in one room, it's a good rule of thumb to keep the rugs monochrome so that the other details of each space will define separate personalities.

Image via

Image via

Statement Making Rug Layers

If you’re looking to embrace a cozy, undone look with patterns or textures, find rugs that work together but don’t match perfectly. This look is ideal if you have both an indoor and outdoor space that you can interchange rugs with. Go for colorful patterns, oriental inspired, or even mix in a faded one.

image via Beldi Rugs

image via Beldi Rugs

Layer just 2 or layer them across the space to act as carpeting.

image via  Domino

image via Domino

Image via

Image via

For a more subtle effect, mix various sized stripes and add in one pattern, like this round up of Dash and Albert Outdoor rugs (currently in stock!).

dash and albert outdoor rugs

Texture Rug Layers

Adding a bit of texture in unique ways can make a bold statement. Different textures will have different effects on the space. Animal hides look great in every type of room. Start in the bedroom with a lush sheepskin layer to give the room a dreamy look.

image via  Refinery 29

image via Refinery 29

In the living room, a cowhide adds a rustic, effortless look and highlights a seating area.

image via  Apartment Therapy
image via M yDomaine

image via MyDomaine

Our Chindi Leather rugs (currently in stock!) add texture with a more subtle statement, and without breaking the bank!

leather chindi rugs
Source: the-art-of-layering-rugs

How to Get the Outdoor Resort Look

Who doesn't love a relaxing getaway? When we think of outdoor spaces, our mind initially travels to our last exotic vacation. Even if it was a closer destination, there's still a unique, relaxed feeling that comes to mind. So, why not recreate it in your own backyard? We chose a few of our favorite places in a range of styles and featured some of our favorite outdoor furniture pieces to help you achieve that vacation mood in your personal space.

1- Modern Contemporary Outdoor Space

Image: Balthazar Hotel + Spa

Image: Balthazar Hotel + Spa

We normally see more of a romantic look in France, but the trendsetting French Balthazar Hotel and Spa is full of character blending authentic furnishings with a genuinely homey feel. Emulate the feeling in your outdoor dining space with the Janus et Cie Mood collection. Simple, sturdy and beautiful, it is crafted from premium teak grown and harvested from sustainable sources.  Weather resistant fabric is weaved over an aluminum frame to create a resilient, supportive sling. Add hanging lanterns for a rustic touch and finish it off with unique artwork to accent your greenery.

2- Modern Organic Outdoor Space

Image via Eden Hotel Bormio

Image via Eden Hotel Bormio

Overlooking the ski slopes, the Eden Hotel's sustainable, stylish design works in dialogue with its surroundings for a true Italian mountain experience in Bormio. Get a cozy rustic outdoor space with a handcrafted Lane Venture chair.  A solid aluminum frame is covered in hand-woven polyethylene fibers with longlasting outdoor quality. Add solid wood stump side tables and soften the look with ivory sheepskin throws and you'll have a perfectly nestled backyard area.

3- Southern Classic

Image via Zio + Sons

Image via Zio + Sons

Prefer tradition and charm? This look is suitable for a porch or a landscaped dining nook. Classic wicker paired with neutral textiles for a french countryside feel, our inspiration here comes from the enchanting Zero George Street hotel in quaint Charleston, SC. The Summer Classics resin wicker dining chair has an all-weather cushion that can be customized in suitable fabric options that withstand the elements for years to come. Antique accents and outdoor shutters will provide that southern appeal.

4- Beachy Chic

Image via Viceroy Hotel Anguilla

Image via Viceroy Hotel Anguilla

To compliment a sleek pool, consider a contemporary look that could be indoor or outdoor. We love a lounge area for some poolside chatting or cocktails, and an outdoor sofa provides the perfect setup. Lee Industries custom covered Oleander sofa brings comfort and a chic look to an outdoor space, similar to Kelly Wearstler's design at the Viceroy Anguilla.  Unique accent chairs complete the relaxed mood similar to a swank vacation resort.

5- Industrial Chic

image via Ink Hotel Amsterdam

image via Ink Hotel Amsterdam

Need an ideal solution for spacious city living? Harbour Outdoor is good at keeping things sleek and contemporary, add the clean Piano sectional to a simple, open space for an immediate impact. Keep things minimal and add plants in concrete planters randomly spaced around- and of course, statement lighting like these hanging lanterns to compliment the style.

6- Urban Contemporary

Image via The Empire Hotel NYC

Image via The Empire Hotel NYC

City living usually equates to a small space, but that doesn't mean it can't be designed well. Janus et Cie is always an ideal option to create a wow factor in any space. The Amari dining set is contemporary with a comfort factor included. Outdoor curtains compliment the look creating an exclusive feel to the space, and bunches of candles will create the perfect ambience (Hotel Empire neon sign optional).

Who are you in the Sack- the Minimalist?

The lines between contemporary design and minimalism are becoming more and more blurred with each passing day. So if you're craving peace and quiet in the bedroom- clean, simple bedding will support the mission for more R&R. And MATTEO knows just how to do that- featuring effortless bedding we feel guarantees some seriously sweet dreams.

Minimalist bedroom design isn’t something that happens over night. By its very nature minimalism requires a high degree of organization and lack of clutter. The Sanders Bed Panel is a clean way to keep the under bed space under wraps with a more simplistic option than a bed skirt. Bonus, this 3-piece set starts above the top mattress to keep a uniform sleek look.

Continuing with the Sanders collection, which is an environmentally friendly heavy linen washed to soft perfection, pick and choose your shams, duvet or sheets in an array of earthy colors. The simple texture of linen adds a punch to an otherwise simple room.

A clean, crisp selection of natural textiles in neutral colors creates an open and tidy space. Personal accents like photos in oversized frames add an inviting appeal while keeping a modern simplicity.

Decor Dots

Decor Dots

The Vintage Linen collection by MATTEO has an extremely soft hand and finished 1/2" hem detail. Contrast stitching after dyeing with darker colors offers a softer, lighter take than the Sanders collection.

For a soft and smooth bed, MATTEO's 600 thread count Sei collection can still achieve a lived in look by adding a thermal throw and makes for perfect year round bedding.  All MATTEO bedding is made in Los Angeles- garment-dyed and pre-washed to heirloom softness, making the bedding feel as if you've been sleeping on it for ages.

A minimalist look when choosing bedding is also complementary with neutral tones, allowing for a true sanctuary in the bedroom. But think beyond your standard shades of white and gray, and consider other neutrals, like a soft pink or taupe. And copper accents to boot!



Who are you in the Sack - the Escapist?

Do you like to live like you're on vacation- serene French countryside retreats, earthy mountain resorts or calm seaside living? You don't have to travel far to feel like you're on holiday. POM POM and AMITY HOME offer the right mix of natural elements and layers to achieve a high-end, tranquil feeling.

Adding some print and texture creates a bohemian vibe, reminiscent of ethnic destinations that open the mind. POM POM'S embroidered Annable collection in flax brings on that mindset. Adding a paisley print in a soft pop of color and natural fiber accessories keeps the look streamlined but unique.

Layers of lace and cotton complimented by antiqued brass or bronze lend a French provincial look to any room. AMITY's Bianca collection's ruffles and linen add to this rural version of Parisian style.

Vintage-inspired in all the right ways, POM POM's dreamy, soft cotton crochet forms a subtle zigzag pattern descending to sophisticated stringy ends- reminiscent of a romantic countryside getaway. Quilted details keep things charming and comfortable.

Both POM POM and AMITY HOME are available special order through Gardenology.

Who are you in the Sack - the Romantic?

Do you tend to go for long flowy bedskirts, silk gauze layers, and lace or ruffled details? If you prefer an ethereal, feminine look in your bedroom, then you would love the soft luminous hues of BELLA NOTTE! The collection inspires with breathable linen, soft organic cotton, plush velvet and sumptuous satin combined with exquisite craftsmanship to create duvets, pillows, blankets and more.

Starting with the base, BELLA NOTTE's Madera just so happens to be our bestselling sheet. Smooth to the touch with a subtle luster, it's designed for ultimate comfort (100% Tencel) and easy care. Tencel wicks moisture away and warms to the touch, one reason why it's also used in ski clothing.

Add a Victorian element by adding heirloom and antique pieces to give a collected look. Bring balance with earthy colors and floral textures. New for 2016, BELLA NOTTE's new shades of cloud and fog not only echo the blue-grey mood of San Francisco, where the label is based, but beautifully round out a soothing bedroom palette.

BELLA NOTTE uses a garment-dyed process where the complete garment is dyed rather than full yards of fabric, making it ever so slightly unique and couture in nature and adding to the soft, lived-in quality of the brand. Different hues from textures add depth and differentiation. Even a monotone look is special as shown here with the tonal floral pattern on the Lillian and Marguerite accent pillows.

Bring themes of love, amore and romance to your bedroom boudoir sanctuary with luscious colors and printed silks. A whimsical watercolor print floats dreamily atop Silk Charmeuse in the Ophelia collection.

Add charm with layers of tailored pleating and romantic embellishments - the Chloe collection's Trecento ruching lends vintage glamour to Cotton Velvet with warm tones of powder and heirloom rose.

And for the single ladies or those with husbands that are willing to sleep in a feminine, delicate bed-- we suggest the Pennelope and Olivia collections with lace, 2-tone patterning and heirloom design.

All BELLA NOTTE collections can be special ordered through Gardenology.

The Allure of the Slipcover

Slipcovers have come a long way and can elevate both the beauty and practicality of your furniture, conveying a specific message with low commitment. Whether you want to go bright and bold, or subtle and casual- they provide both style and protection, offering guests or residents a stylish and comfortable place to relax without fear.

Cisco Brothers Radley Sofa - image via Celadon House Santa Barbara

Cisco Brothers Radley Sofa - image via Celadon House Santa Barbara


At Gardenology, we pride ourselves on offering furniture collections that offer high-end custom slipcovers, letting you choose from upholstery grade fabrics. Details are also a focus, allowing you to choose a specific trim or stitch. The slipcovers are measured in detail by professionals and made to the exact measurements of each piece. Generally, the cushions and the frame are slipcovered separately, giving a more upholstered look to each piece.

Klaene Gray Axel Chair - image via Ranch + Coast Magazine

Klaene Gray Axel Chair - image via Ranch + Coast Magazine


You can use a slipcover to protect a beautiful piece of furniture you want to preserve. The furniture we sell is of highest quality, offering comfort and quality that last a lifetime, but a red wine spill can change the lifespan of a piece in an instant! Slipcovers can be easily removed for laundering- the bonus about using a custom slipcover? When you choose your fabric, you can choose a textile that suits your laundry routine, whether you prefer to do it yourself or drop it off at the drycleaner. And finally, you don't have to commit! Many people will purchase two slipcovers in different colors or textures to change out their look with the seasons or their mood!

Lee Industries Dining Chairs - Image via Laura Ramsey Interiors

Lee Industries Dining Chairs - Image via Laura Ramsey Interiors

We've still got some slipcovered pieces left- take em home today just in time for the holidays!


How we do Lee.

Seeing as Lee Industries is supporting local businesses this week nationwide with their Lee Loves Local campaign, we thought we'd share how we support Lee. The company's sustainable strategies include using FSC-certified wood for frames, water-based soy finishes, recycled filling for cushions, and organic upholstery fabrics. Aside from the furniture BEING good, it also LOOKS good. Take a tour of our Encinitas showroom, post floor move, and get styling ideas for your very own 'Lee living' area. 

The Lee Apartment sofa is perfect for tight spaces. With a clean, modern shape, we love it with a slipcover for a casual, not to mention easy to clean look. Don't forget to add your own 'I Love Lee' sign.

The Lee Series Sectional just happens to be our most 'sat upon' piece in the store. It screams comfort with its soft graphite upholstery, which of course can be customized to your style. Concrete tables and a jute rug give it a natural feel, while ethnic pillows and our lily pad leaves add an exotic touch.

If you're looking for slip covered chairs in your dining room, which we can't recommend enough (hello red wine spills!), here we mix and match the zipper chair and the hostess chair at a warm wood table. An oversize chandelier and botanical centerpiece give it the Gardenology look;)

For a more classic look, the Roll Arm Sofa accented with embroidered pillows in coastal hues gives a room that West Coast casual look. And who doesn't love a gallery wall behind a sofa with your favorite memories and inspirations.

The Ferris Chaise, another attention-grabber on our floor, is styled here for more of an industrial open space, but can add comfort and a look to any room.

The deep seat and low, rolled arm of the Lee English Arm sofa make it a popular choice for interior designers. It mixes well with any style and gives the room a relaxed and comfortable feeling. We featured it with an elegant chandelier and wall accent mirrors, and rustic counterparts like the leather chair and wooden coffee table.

And last but not least, we kept the Boxy Chair boxy with a rectangular shelf and a corner spot.

Don't forgot to come by this Saturday for our Lee Loves Local event featuring local Calligraphy artists, and receive a discount on the Lee pieces featured here!

Succulent Care Guide

It’s a heated conversation among the team at Gardenology: what’s better- real or permanent botanicals? Whatever your preference, we’re sharing a quick care guide on how to keep your succulents healthy and beautiful, whether they are faux or real. You take the pick based on your lifestyle.


REAL-  Drainage is an important part of planting your succulents. In addition to a well draining soil, make sure you choose a pot that has a hole in the bottom to release excess water.

FAUX - Since the fauxplants don't require a specific type of soil, you can get creative with pot choices. If you spy a vessel that doesn't have a hole in the bottom but has room in the top for some buds, go for it!



REAL - Make sure to place your succulents in a well lit part of the home, whether it be outside or inside.

FAUX - It is best to keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight to avoid any possible color fade, so think of spots in those rooms that don't get good sunlight but need a pop. If you would like to bring them outside, we recommend you keep them under a covered area to avoid any outdoor elements.


REAL - This ultimately depends on where you live and what season it is dependent upon the natural elements. But the general consensus is to water, but sparingly.

FAUX-   Water or sprays are not necessary to clean the botanicals. To avoid doing any damage to the color or texture of the leaves, dust your arrangement once a month with a blow dryer on a cool setting or a feather duster.


REAL - It is recommended that you repot once a year to examine the roots and soil to keep your plant healthy and happy.

FAUX - With the change in seasons and holidays, we always find ourselves shifting around the succulents - and perhaps adding seasonal botanicals to change the mood, which can also be placed in a wide array of places and vessels.