Tablescaping Demo

In case you weren't able to attend our first holiday workshop, we're bringing the workshop to you. Last Thursday, we demonstrated the art of Tablescaping, adding different elements to work together and create a centerpiece or display to your liking. We had a great turnout at both stores, and got some great shots during the Encinitas demo hosted by our Visual Merchandiser/Buyer TJ.

Photo by Sonja Landis

Photo by Sonja Landis

Tablescape 1: Winter Wonderland

We started with a blank table to show the complete process of building the table from the base up. When working with artificial garland, make sure to bend and move the branches to liven it up.  It's also possible to use live garland in the same way for all of the tabletop arrangements shown here.

Since the first tabletop had a 'Winter Wonderland' theme,  what better way to do that than to add some sparkle. One of the benefits of using faux botanicals is that it incorporates elements like snow, glitter, and more glitter. And in TJ's words, more is better!

The mercury glass vases combined silver and natural elements to create a whimsical yet elegant focal point. Snow covered bare branches combined with circular ornaments and bells contribute to the wonderland mood.

Tablescape 2: Rustic White

Photo by Sonja Landis

Photo by Sonja Landis

The next arrangement is ideal for someone who likes a cleaner, simple scheme.  And maybe someone who needs a truly functional table that guests can eat it. This look works well in a 'modern farmhouse' decor scheme.

Starting with a casual table runner and clean white accessories: a large ceramic vase and marble candlestick holders. These twig candlesticks are a great way to add a little character while keeping the look minimal.

The next layer that TJ added was a string of beads, some glittery (of course!) stems along with a few more whimsical elements: tiny house and snowflake votives to give the table a holiday touch.

Photo by Sonja Landis

Photo by Sonja Landis

The vase can be filled with anywhere from 3-8 different items of dried botanicals, keeping in mind that you can interchange some of these with each season. After layering on the fan favorite 'Lastra' collection from Vietri's line, it's easy to see how this table will suit a holiday celebration but can easily transition to a year round tabletop.

Tablescape 3: Santa's Forest

Our last tablescape is a family favorite, and it might be hard to keep the kids away from this one. Once again, we started with a string of garland, this time choosing a more natural look. Next we layered in our tall Santa statues along with a couple different sized deer.

Photo by Sonja Landis

Photo by Sonja Landis

Photo by Sonja Landis

Photo by Sonja Landis

To add to the forest theme, our bird ornaments worked perfectly, having little clips so they can be added in securely. Vintage mercury glass brings an elegance to the vignette and we finished it off with antique tree toppers and ornaments, keeping in mind to work with odd numbers when accessorizing.

Don't forget to join us for our next demo: Holiday Homescapes - featuring tree decor, mantel decor and holiday swags. This Tuesday (election day!). RSVP here.


Orchid Demo

In case you missed our Orchid Design demo, here's a look into what went on at our Encinitas location. Follow along for tips on creating your own arrangement, whether you choose to use real plants or our permanent botanicals, these tips create the same outcome: a unique, gorgeous conversation piece. So grab your floral design tools at your favorite hobby store and join us!

It was a sunny day, and we had the perfect spot to hold the demo, right in the corner by our botanical bar on our kitchen island/work table. Lili, our fearless leader and owner, led the demonstration, orchids being one of her favorite projects. And to add to the entertainment, our visual merchandiser extraordinaire TJ brings some wit and charm to the table. To start, make sure you have foam, floral tape, wire cutters, sticks, twine or raffia, moss, interesting pots and of course florals and foliage.

When working with permanent botanicals, we like to throw rules out the window. Mix and match as you please, combine succulents and more to bring life to your work. The only guidelines we suggest following when it comes to orchids specifically are:

1- pay attention to the scale. Make sure your pot works with the height of your arrangement. It's generally safe to say if you're using a tall pot, the arrangement should be 1 to 1.5 times the height of the container.

2- Make sure to naturalize the florals. Bend and open up the petals, adding a realistic element, but also creating the desired movement in your arrangement.

3- Always center your featured flower in the middle of the pot.

For Lili's first arrangement, we started with an oversize cement pot. She placed a foam piece inside the pot and topped it with our reindeer moss, a vibrant moss with a spring green color. As you can see, the rule of height applied to this arrangement due to the orientation of the tall pot. After adding the usual base foliage to the tall orchids, she added a succulent to hang down the side and create an organic, soft look.  The addition of a chunky bamboo stick tied loosely with twine or raffia adds a realistic element.

For the second arrangement, Lili started with a wider pot and our mood moss, which has a more earthy coloring to it. She chose a shorter orchid, placed in the center of the container and added ferns and grass at the base. TJ brought in a subtle pop of color with a purple hued succulent and Lili finished it off with a piece of coral. Feel free to get creative on the finishing touch with pieces you might find around your home or at the beach!


Lili's final arrangements were small, but impactful. Here, she shows us how the use of an unconventional item for a pot can be the perfect touch for a dinner party or gathering. Some unique 'pots' shown here include a birds nest or our Vietri Lastra bowl. You can also use giant oyster shells or anything else you have floating around your home.

And since we held our workshop at both locations, here's a peek at what went down in Newport Beach. The Gardenology team got interactive with our workshop attendees and everyone contributed to this group arrangement, featuring multiple orchid stems accented with tropical succulents.

Stay tuned for an invite to our next demonstration, we hope you will join us in person!

Workshop Recap : Tablescaping 101

Tis the season for holiday decorating, and that means everything from the tree to the table. In case you couldn’t attend our Tablescaping 101 workshop in November, have a look through our photos and read through to see what we learned. And don't forget, Tabletop is now 20% Off as part of our 12 Days of Giving.

A great starting point is to let the occasion/menu dictate the theme. With the holidays approaching, we featured a rustic holiday theme. After you choose your theme, build a foundation. Start with a textured tablecloth- we chose a simple natural linen. Once your foundation has anchored the color scheme, you can build the palette form there, but we suggest keeping it to 2-3 colors. We are purveyors of neutral tones, so our color comes mainly from the botanicals featured in the centerpiece.

Start with a base, we used garland to build a focal point off of. Since we used a longer table, we played with scale by interspersing pillar candles and votives at varying heights using rustic pots. Flowers add life and you can never go wrong with a vase full of peonies. We accented these with our bead spray, pine cones and ornaments.

Add depth to the table with serving pieces in different shapes and sizes. By using Montes Doggett’s sculptural ceramic serving bowls and pitchers, we mixed things up with a modern effect. To keep it interesting, we chose iron handled demitasse utensils.

Finally, choose your place settings. Mixing and matching china is de rigueur these days. We chose elegant Italian pieces from Vietri, adding a statement with the charger. Mixing and matching glassware is another key to creating a beautiful tablescape. The Vietri swirl glasses add a playful element while maintaining a subtlety that pulls everything together.

Stay tuned for more workshops in 2016!