7 Coffee Tables for 7 Different Personalities

Generally the finishing touch on a room, the importance of the coffee table is often overlooked. Many just see it as a place for books, extra drinks, etc. But without a coffee table, the living room would look quite plain. It's the piece that ties together all the other furnishings, creating a focal point. So, when it’s time to put that finishing touch on the room, do you want to find a coffee table that says something about you? Look no further, we put together a list of 8 different tables that make a statement through a variety of attributes. Find your personality trait on the list below for the perfect match!



Personality Type: BOLD

Coffee Table: The Samson and Noland Tables

Combining two tables, namely the Samson and the Noland, for a layered look, makes a statement and provides a conversation piece for the extravert in you to chat about the intentional styling.  A black marble top is as strong-willed and direct as you in its effort to serve as a stable surface and the whole look can be finished off with a statement sofa.


Personality Type: SINCERE

Coffee Table: The Olivia Table

The intersecting metal frame is a reminder of the interconnectedness of humans and nature that you respect and understand. The mirrored zinc surface emits an innocent radiance that is influenced by it’s surroundings. This table will add a genuine sophistication to the living room when complimented by a clean sectional.


Personality Type: NEUROTIC

Coffee Table: The Marseilles Table

You like a balanced room, and the clean straight lines on this piece allow it to fit anywherewill keep your room symmetrical. No needto worry about where to place it, it fits anywhere. And no, you did not leave your stovetop or hair straightener on this morning when you left the house.


Personality Type: LAID-BACK

Coffee Table: The Garrison Table

A large solid square shape with distressed solid pine and zinc details is accommodating for multiple spaces and provides an agreeable, rustic take on a low-profile coffee table that works in any room- just like you! Add a deep, oversize sofa for the ultimate retreat.


Personality Type: HARDWORKING

Coffee Table: The Dover Table

The thick wood and sturdy base of this piece exude true craftsmanship, something you appreciate. The diligent lines in this industrious piece create a stable piece of furniture that will compliment a modern sectional.


Personality Type: WISE

Coffee Table: The Reginald Table

The hand carved rings in this elm wood slab are reminiscent of an old tree trunk. The saying goes, the more rings, the older and wiser the tree is. A stable iron base with a brass finish add a touch of sass. And since wise people know to keep their options open, this piece is also available in a square shape to match your seating scheme.


Personality Type: OPEN MINDED

Coffee Table: The Lithianthus Table

Why not let 2 unlikely textures meet? You are willing to consider the idea of mixing and matching like the Lithianthus’s reclaimed wood top and unexpected iron and stone base with a textured finish. In your words- if you don’t think outside the box, then you would have any other ordinary coffee table.

Did we miss your personality? Let us know what it is and what type of coffee table you are drawn to?

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5 Items to give your home that Cozy Nordic Style

Hygge is a Danish word that encapsulates the Nordic sensibility meaning “cozy warmth” — a Danish ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures, creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with friends and family. This starts with creating a gracious home and atmosphere that is filled with light and well-loved items. Hygge is not something that can be bought or created by a designer. But we have 5 items that you can add to your home in your own personal way to create this Nordic state of contentment- items that fill you with everyday joy when you use them…

Photos: Jeltje Janmaat - Source:  vtwonen

Photos: Jeltje Janmaat - Source: vtwonen

1- Icelandic sheep fur throw


Sometimes we find the simplest accessories bring great comfort and this time of year it’s all things furry and fuzzy. These furry throws are the perfect size for any room. Consider throwing one over a desk chair, accenting the end of the bed, over a stool or even as a rug. The fluffy piece lightens a room while simultaneously adding a touch of warmth.


2- Rattan flat Baskets


Neatness and simplicity in the home create a clear and happy state of being. What better way to achieve this than using an interestingly shaped rattan basket in a room for additional storage- think rolled up knit blankets or even tasteful magazines.


3- Rattan Chair


Nordic style starts with a love of design, nature, light and living the good life. Add harmony to a home with natural elements like rattan, the curves on this chair contrast nicely with clean, modern pieces.


4- Round Glass Vase


Find beauty in everyday things, these simple hand blown glass vases can be changed easily to reflect your current mood. Keep the room open and alive with the addition of plenty of greenery. Plant stems instantly reflect the beauty of nature, and simultaneously using grey tones and warm woods will express the chilly northern climate of Scandinavia.

Kristofer Johnsson

Kristofer Johnsson

5- Small Cement Storage Boxes


Who said monochromatic was boring? The grey accents in this space look amazing and combining different textures keeps things interesting and comfortable. Use different accessories like these cement storage boxes to organize and declutter, keeping the mind clear and happy.

Image via Pella Hedeby

Image via Pella Hedeby

Do you love the cozy Nordic style? What's your favorite way to incorporate 'hygge' into your home?

Source: Get-The-Nordic-Cozy-Style


Labor day may have passed, but California still has a plethora of sunny days to enjoy, so we consider it the ‘unofficial’ end of Summer. Either way, whether it’s because the kids are back in school or your Summer activities are winding down- September is a good time to spruce up the home. So we wanted to educate you on one of our newest product lines that will do just that: Skandinavisk–modern designed candles and diffusers out of, you guessed it, Scandinavia.

It's worth noting that Scandinavian has the world's happiest people, and they also happen to be the world's largest nation of candle users. The collection is designed in Denmark in a Copenhagen showroom, the perfume is produced in Grasse on the French Riviera, and the collection is hand-poured in France. With the clean, minimalist design that Scandinavians are known for, these scented products visually blend seamlessly into any room.  Read on for details about the specific styles and scents we have available at our Encinitas location.

SKANDINAVISK Candles + Diffusers

For the Fall, we are offering 2 sizes of candles. No matter which size you choose, each candle contains an engraved beechwood lid inside the box, designed to be used as a base for the lit candle and as a snuffer to extinguish the flame.

Scented Candles - Small

The small candles, 6.7 oz to be exact, are made up of a vegetable wax blend: a base of RSPO-certified sustainable palm wax with a touch of soy and coco waxes. RSPO stands for Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil; palm oil is responsible for large-scale forest conversion in the tropics and extensive carbon emissions; RSPO-certified companies are committed to harvesting palm berries and palm oil with the least amount of forest destruction. Each candle is hand-poured into a painted glass votive, the cotton wick will provide 50 hrs of burn time.

Scented Vase Candles - Large

The scented vase candles, 21.16 oz, feature 4 wicks- all of which are 100% cotton. With 75 hrs burn time, these will last you well into Fall. Made up of vegetable wax and food-grade mineral wax, these are hand-poured into a mouth-blown glass vase for a sleek look.


Experience the liquid side of Scandinavia. These minimally designed diffusers will provide you with 3 months of scent time.



Fjord (Norwegian) [F –YO R]

Coniferous forests, crashing waterfalls and abundant fruits magnify the drama of the Norwegian fjords. With joyous notes of woods and ripening orchards, blackcurrants and raspberry flowers.


Ro (Scandinavian for ‘tranquility) [R O]

Peace, calm tranquility from the kingdoms of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. A subtle symphony of fresh cut grass and crumpled leaves, ambered woods and hidden blankets in the dunes.


Koto (Old Finnish for ‘cosy at home’) [KO –TO]

A sanctuary from the rugged Nordic climate, an intimate space to refresh the soul. Promising delicate notes of Baltic amber and jasmine blended with exotic mandarin and vanilla.

And if you haven’t already fallen in love with the idea of bringing a sense of Scandinavia into your home, take a look at this beautiful video for a journey through the Scandinavian way of life- the focus on life’s small moments, the raw nature, and the endless summers.

Color of the month : Terracotta

Let’s get earthy with September’s color of the month, after all, Fall is approaching. So we chose Terracotta, which translates to ‘baked earth’. With an influx of Bohemian-style rooms across Pinterest, the ever-present greenery is usually complimented by a terracotta pot. The burnt orange hue is neutral enough to blend with a range of color schemes, but will also add a pop in the right spaces. Read on for our favorite ways to incorporate terracotta in different rooms in your home.


terracotta accent wall

For a dramatic pop of color, consider terracotta for the walls. Whether you just choose one accent wall or the entire room, it creates a backdrop for warm woods and neutral accents that's sophisticated yet homey.

Image via Trio Collection

Image via Trio Collection

If you’re lucky enough to have an exposed brick wall, then that may be all the terracotta you need. If you want to take it further, accent said wall with similar tones, a lighter shade of terracotta on a sectional works well against a dark concrete floor and a shiny copper accent. A patterned rug in warm neutrals with pops of gray or black will ground the look, while natural textures will bring depth to the space.


image via www.ruffledblog.com

image via www.ruffledblog.com

For the simplest and easiest way to include terracotta in a room, consider adding clusters of pots. Not only are terracotta pots friendly on the wallet, but their timelessness instantly transforms a tablesetting. To make it uber rustic, go for handmade ceramic dishes and candle holders with the color featured in the designs.

image via bloodandchampagne.com

image via bloodandchampagne.com

One of our favorite looks is accenting a rustic dining room with a grouping of terracotta pendant lamps. The primitive wood table stands alone in the above dining room, letting the roof and walls speak for themselves- minimalism at its best. The hanging lamps work well clustered together in various shapes and shades, giving the room a punch of style.

image via marianneevennou.blogspot.fr

image via marianneevennou.blogspot.fr

Here in Southern California, it’s common to see Terracotta floors, influenced by our neighbor to the South. The above photo features a honeycomb version of the standard tiles. And what better color to compliment the floors? Our personal favorite: Gray. The different shades of gray against the bright floor provide an unexpected departure from the usual bright Mexican influences.


image via decoholic

image via decoholic

Love the idea of adding some color to bedroom? Terracotta can be subtle and soft enough to keep things serene. Compliment it with ivory textured pillows and sheets for a flattering look.

image via interiors online

image via interiors online

To compliment an existing neutral bed scheme, consider small pops of terracotta in the decorative accents.  Turkish Kilim pillows that are so popular right now are an easy way to incorporate the color, or geometric rugs with terracotta and other pastels will add personality to the room. We love the black contrast used in the above photo.

Are you ready to incorporate some terracotta in your home? If you have any tips, please share your favorite way in the comments below!



Architectural Digest: 3 Refreshing Quotes from the August Issue

If you hadn’t already heard through the grapevine, Architectural Digest has a new kid in town. The former editor-in-chief Margaret Russell has stepped down, making way for a new face – Amy Astley, formerly of Teen Vogue. Supported by the likes of Anna Wintour, Astley will be charged with reimagining and significantly expanding the 96 yr old brand’s digital presence and sensibility.

And we love the direction it’s going in! Not only did we notice a lack of big-box retailer mentions and ads (who shall remain nameless), but the new editor-in-chief opened this issue with a perfect quote from designer Maximo Bonetti:

"If people who can afford incredible decors keep commissioning bland minimalist interiors- which, I admit, are much easier to sell- It’s the end of decoration."

After this quote, we couldn’t help ourselves from thumbing through the issue.  We got inspired to share some of the fantastic quotes we found throughout the issue with you, particularly the satisfied clients’ refreshing thoughts on the designers they were working with.


Client: Italy’s renowned Caltagirone Family
Designer: Count Manfredi Della Gherardesca

The effervescent art collector Ginevra Caltagirone says of the collaboration with her designer friend:

“Manfredi is an absolute genius with color. Like the way I relate to art, we selected furnishings that speak to me- things that have character and soul. It’s been a journey making this a home. I feel like I’ve found the correct place, the place I belong."


Client: a young family
Designer: Mark Cunningham – known for his work with Ralph Lauren

Happy with their finished Greenwich residence, the dynamic this family attributed to the designer approach, and as it turns out, the key to creating their ideal family home, is as follows:

"When we met him, instead of telling us about all the big names he’d work for, he asked us how we lived, what we thought about the space, where we eat breakfast. It was refreshing."


Client: three generations of a local family
Designer: Mattia Bonetti

One of the sons from the family, who happens to be an adventuresome art collector, says of the designer:

"Once you’ve chosen a decorator, you should allow them the freedom to do what they like and just walk away. I hate designers who present mood boards for me to choose this or that. Mattia knows what we like. We live in such a strange world, where people want brand names and what their friends have. They pick style 1, 2 or 3. Mattia, on the other hand is so unexpected – and I want him to express what he wants."

And don't miss the gorgeous spread on Anderson Cooper's Brazilian retreat. What do you think of Amy Astley’s fresh new view for Architectural Digest?


The Interior Design Process

With this month’s Design promotion going on, I thought I’d touch upon what’s involved with the overall design process when you hire an interior designer. Our current promo gives you the opportunity to receive a complimentary consultation with our design team. At your convenience, we are always available to walk you through a wide range of upscale furnishings and accessories.

Aside from our own design services, working with local interior designers at Gardenology is also a big part of our daily routine. Designers come through and utilize our space to source or view goods with clients. 

One of my favorite vignettes we did in Newport Beach featuring the Parisian Sofa by Klaene Gray, our exclusive in-house label.

One of my favorite vignettes we did in Newport Beach featuring the Parisian Sofa by Klaene Gray, our exclusive in-house label.

Whatever route you choose, the point of the overall process is to provide you with a design that is tailored to your personal taste, not just what is currently on trend and retailing. Below, I’ve listed the steps that make up the interior design process- read on for a better understanding of what goes into the development of a design project.

The Klaene Gray Axel chairs work well with the round Alexander pedestal table. A clam shell and beaded chandelier add to the coastal look while a Dash and Albert striped rug tie it together.

The Klaene Gray Axel chairs work well with the round Alexander pedestal table. A clam shell and beaded chandelier add to the coastal look while a Dash and Albert striped rug tie it together.


This is the meet and greet phase. A designer will come to your home to discuss the project requirements, your overall budget, your wants/needs and time frames. During this initial interview, major objectives will be identified such as the scope of the project and the intended outcome. This is a chance for you to get an idea of what the designer can offer you, but also to make sure that you work well together. This overall analysis will be used to determine what the project will look like within your given parameters.

You may think this is all you need, sometimes it just helps to talk things over with someone and get some general ideas and directions. But if you are looking for a more hands on experience that allows you to sit back and let someone else do the work, then enter the first stage listed below. In most cases, it’s a wise and sensible choice- it helps you keep within budget and avoid costly mistakes.

Vintage wood doors create a backdrop for the contemporary Rustica dining table with mismatched chairs.

Vintage wood doors create a backdrop for the contemporary Rustica dining table with mismatched chairs.


This is the first stage towards a working relationship - it defines the scope of the project and the estimated cost. The proposal details the deliverables such as room concepts, floor plans, etc. It also contains the information regarding how you will work together so you know what to expect. Once an agreement is reached on all the details, this becomes a working agreement/contract for your project.

Outdoors don't look outdoors with our resin outdoor table and Lee Mimosa slipcovered chairs and Janus et Cie Chee chair. And yes, we love our coastal stripes.

Outdoors don't look outdoors with our resin outdoor table and Lee Mimosa slipcovered chairs and Janus et Cie Chee chair. And yes, we love our coastal stripes.


At this stage, the creative team prepares an overall design concept/solution utilizing your input as they go, to bring your vision to fruition. Once you have reviewed the options available to you, it’s time to delve a little deeper into the fun stuff. At this point the designer will gather fabric samples, color swatches and other finishes and fixtures that support the overall concept so that you can picture the outcome. Meetings will be conducted on site from time to time.

The Janus et Cie Lucy chair works indoor or out. Lucy gets cozy with a glass top side table.

The Janus et Cie Lucy chair works indoor or out. Lucy gets cozy with a glass top side table.


The goods and services that were agreed upon are ordered and purchased. Lead times are accounted for and installation begins. This is the final phase of the design process- after all the good stuff is installed, styled and accessorized- you should feel like your house is now a home. Now you can kick back and relax in your own personalized space- or start entertaining and showing it off!

What is your experience with the interior design process?

Gardenology Takes Manhattan : Inspo at ABC Home

When in the city that never sleeps, number one on our agenda is to hit ABC Home, a world of design inspiration on 6 cavernous floors. Here, one can find every possible home decor aspiration: antique sofas on creaky wooden floors, sparkling chandeliers hanging from high ceilings, Moroccan carpets in every color, a variety of eclectic dinnerware, and the displays, oh the displays!

Sitting right in Union Square, one can also hit the weekend farmer's market in the park when visiting ABC, based in the bustling Flatiron district among several other design stores.

Aside from the mismatched ceramic dinnerware, we also can't get enough of the general space. Observe the honeycomb tile floors, they're worn in but it works. And kudos to the genius that build a table around the large pillar that supports this beautiful old space.

Wandering along on the first floor, we are loving the mix of modern dinnerware atop antique furnishings. And beyond the honeycomb tile we find aged parquet floors.

The feminine prints and subtle green hues in this darling table setting brings us back in time to Grandma's house for dinner.

Last tabletop photo, we promise. But the mixture of quirky shapes, textures and soft neutral shades had us reeling! This look is so Mad Hatter tea party.

White sofas and sectionals over faded vintage rugs and a pop of texture and black- looks familiar, no?

The photo doesn't even begin to do these beautiful handcrafted ceramic pieces justice. But let's talk about this 'shelfie' - the juxtaposition of the modern and organic against the aged cement wall is to die for.

Oh hey, this looks familiar, too. Pom Pom at Home has their very own 'shop in shop'. We think it's safe to say that ABC Carpet and Home has good taste.


And finally, a closer look at the beautiful details of the old building, details that are so common in places like NY but so rare for us Californians. At least we can show our appreciation for the little things.

We hope you enjoyed the tour. That was really only about three of the six floors. Do you have any shopping tips in NYC that you'd care to share?

5 Tips on Caring for White Linens

A white palette in the bedroom just feels effortless but luxurious. Layers of white linens ensure a crisp, serene oasis. After all it’s gender neutral, can easily be updated, are effortless and stylish without even trying – look at a high-end hotel for example. One of the most common questions we get from our clients is how to keep their linens looking fresh. Luckily, we stock some of the best quality linens in the market, and they are all easy care. Read on for some tips on how to maintain and launder your white linens:

Click the image above to see more from Pine Cone Hill

Click the image above to see more from Pine Cone Hill

Choose cotton or linen.

Both breathable and soft, these fibers can take a little more than other fabric options that tend to be more delicate. There are durable and can easily take heat exposure.

Click the image above to view more of Bella Notte's linen and cotton collections.

Click the image above to view more of Bella Notte's linen and cotton collections.

Wash your sheets separately

Turn your bedding inside out and keep it in a load of its own to prevent pillage, even if you have other white items, keeping similar textures together is best.

Click the image above to see more of Matteo Home's perfect whites

Click the image above to see more of Matteo Home's perfect whites

Detergents and Products

Keep your fibers intact with mild detergents, consider those made from plant extracts or gentle ones made especially for fine linens. Avoid fabric softeners and chlorine bleach which can deteriorate the fibers and cause a gradual yellowing. Oxygen bleach is a great alternative to keep your whites bright.

Water temperature

Using cold water on the delicates cycle is ideal and safe for most textiles. But from time to time,  even though they may not appear heavily soiled, your sheets absorb body oils and skin care products which eventually build up and cause discoloration. So make sure to wash your sheets in hot water from time to time to thoroughly remove these.

Click on the image to see more of the textures offered by Pom Pom at Home.

Click on the image to see more of the textures offered by Pom Pom at Home.


Line drying, while ideal, is not always an option. You can either remove the sheets from the dryer while still damp and shake out for an air dry to prevent wrinkles, or do a full tumble dry low cycle.

And that wraps up our care tips for white bedding. Please share any do’s or dont’s from your own experience in the comments below.

Outdoor Design Trends of 2016

Coming off two weekends of lovely weather, one of which was a holiday, we can’t help but have patio envy. After spending lots of time outdoors here in Southern California, we’ve been getting inspired left and right. Have a read about some of our favorite outdoor trends we’ve been seeing for the Summer.


Neutral color palettes in outdoor spaces are not something we are used to seeing. Most decorators opt for a bright, bold print or a nautical stripe. But new trends are showing neutrals can be just as impactful when accented by warm woods and natural greenery. These soothing hues let the greenery provide the pop of color and keep the look organic.

image via  Elle Decor

image via Elle Decor


The use of pallets in outdoor design has long been an outdoor solution, and flea market finds sometimes offer better quality, and less bling with natural materials. Update these furnishings with modern fabrics that are durable. For a charming garden look, arrange a variety of mismatched dining chairs around the table. Vintage textiles will add to the charm.

image via  Sunset Mag

image via Sunset Mag


A raised garden bed or container gardening is ideal for those that don’t have access to a full yard with space. Another trend is sustainable garden design, meaning drought tolerant plants for water-free gardening. This is something that is particularly important in California. Naturescaping and edible landscapes make it easier for a garden to tabletop lifestyle, being able to enjoy fresh, local ingredients in a dish at your own home.

image via  hometalk

image via hometalk


This is a credo we have always gone by, but extending the outdoor living space the same way as any room inside your home has finally been accepted by the masses. Even outdoor kitchens have become increasingly functional. Thanks to advances in all-weather materials, furnishings and accessories, it’s a safe investment that will bring a new level of comfort to our outdoor space.


A hot trend, pun intended, is that of outdoor fireplaces. Gone are the days of tiki torches, homeowners are opting for a full fireplace that provide an ambient warmth to the space.  Just another take on the outdoor room.

image via  on the veranda

image via on the veranda


Besides figuring out how to incorporate edible gardens into the landscape, some homeowners are also adding chickens and honey bees. Round out your complete garden to table meal with eggs and honey.

What are some of the favorite trends you have spotted this year?

Photo Essay : Amsterdam

So you might have noticed our exquisite windows, or perhaps our over-the-top bed? How about the madhatter tabletops? Those all come from TJ- our visual merchandiser extraordinaire. Wonder where he gets his inspiration from? This month, we were missing him while he traipsed across the globe to the Dutch mainland! Read on for TJ's recap of his trip to the carefree city of Amsterdam, and keep an eye on our displays for that Dutch aesthetic.

yes tj trip.JPG

We were lucky to snag an Airbnb on this street, conveniently located on the ground floor of one of these canalside homes.

I'll take the little black house, please.

I'll take the little black house, please.

The whole city is built on pylons, which over time sink causing the canal homes to lean on each other. Despite this, I want to live in the small black home in the center of the photo on the left. I was obsessed with the entrance in the photo on the right, which led right into the service quarters of a former home turned Italian restaurant. Step right off of your boat right into your house. And there was an adorable orange cat who wandered into said Italian restaurant while we were eating there.

Another picture to validate Amsterdam's nickname 'the Venice of the North'. Most people can no longer afford an entire canal house so each home's floors have been converted into separate apartments with the main floors housing new businesses.


Now a museum, an interesting floral arrangement sits at the entrance to one of a prominent Dutch family's former home, who made their fortune in shipping,

After a visit to the Van Gogh museum, we observed the many cyclists in the park. Cycling is key to the city’s character, and there are 400km of cycle paths. i found out when I was there that between 12-15,000 are fished up from the city's canals. Hilarious.

The Amsterdam Central Train Station has it all- ferries, trains, trolleys and buses. You have to have a ticket just to enter the building, but we somehow ended up inside for free as we were looking for the ferry. It all evened out when we saw an extremely expensive Starbucks.

We visited one of the oldest draw bridges that's still used daily along the one of the city's main canals.

This is one of the last remaining churches used for services, others are being turned into galleries and condominiums due to low attendance. The contrast of old and new, clean and gritty is something I could look at all day- and something European cities do so well. Everything was preserved so well instead of being demolished.

Paid a visit to a Dutch staple, the windmill. Visitors can climb to the top but it was packed with tourists.

yes rows of flowers.JPG

We caught the last bloom of the flower fields, if we had come just a few days later all of the petals would have been dropped.

A modern addition to a very traditional Dutch garden, layering old and new. The gardens were a peaceful way to end the trip.