5 Things you Didn't Know

5 Reasons We Love Cisco Brothers

We tend to pay attention to healthy ingredients when it comes to our food, but sometimes forget about how things might be affecting us in our home. Healthy materials are the foundation for a healthy home. Cisco strives to use the finest methods and most responsibly sourced, all-natural ingredients in the furniture that they produce. Comfort and safety are carefully balanced with style and structure to define a unique collection. Read on for 5 of the most notable things in Cisco's production process.

In addition to supporting the American economy and sticking to fair labor and safety standards, another reason for purchasing American made product is the environment. Cisco Brothers, based in Los Angeles, is keeping the world a little cleaner for future generations while also setting up relevant jobs.

Is sustainability important to you? The backbone of Cisco's furniture is the sturdy construction and framing made entirely of FSC Certified wood. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification is the best indicator that the wood is coming from a responsibly managed forest, following strict guidelines regarding environmental impact and workers rights.

When you customize a piece of Cisco furniture, you can choose everything from the fill to the cushion to the fabrics that cover it. Cisco has a range of options for every preference, taste or budget. Fills and fabrics are sourced from farms as a by-product to other industries and washed in biodegradable emulsifiers and environmentally friendly detergents.

There's more to environmentally-friendly stains and finishes than meets the eye. Unfortunately, many finishes contain harmful petroleum and chemical-based solvents that emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which compromise your home’s indoor air quality and damage your health when inhaled. Cisco Brothers offers a plant-based natural oil stain for wood finishes on your furniture.


8-Way Hand Tied is the most intricate seating support systems available and the most comfortable. At Cisco Brothers, all 8-way support systems are hand tied into a hardwood frame to ensure they never squeak or rust, giving you more for your money.

We still have some Cisco pieces left so stop by soon!

5 Things You Didn't Know about Archipelago

At Gardenology, we love Archipelago candles. By the time we’re done with work, it’s nice to have an opportunity to unwind and enjoy some quiet moments, lighting a scented candle to elevate our mood and help us enjoy, relax and take a mind trip to a new destination. Not only does Archipelago use the finest ingredients to hand pour the candles in subtle frosted glass, but they also burn longer than conventional versions. Beyond just the things that we already know and love about Archipelago, we did some research to find some surprising and interesting tidbits that we thought you might like to know as well!


Los Angeles based entrepreneurs Gregg Corzine and David Klass started Archipelago out of of their garage- It was ultimately the result of Gregg’s son’s allergies. After successfully treating his symptoms with aromatherapy, Gregg came up with a plan to start a company centered around the benefits of natural oils and extracts.


The name Archipelago – which means a large chain or group of islands – speaks to the brand’s quest to seek out and offer pampering products that feature the finest ingredients, essential oils and spa rituals from around the world. The brands concept was gravitating towards products that help people relax and take a break from their hectic lives. By the time we’re all done with our work and kids and life, most of us only have a few quiet moments during the day.


The brand has grown to a large number of fragrances among the multiple collections. Don’t be afraid to experiment and follow your own intuition. To further personalize the experience and create your own scentscape, try burning more than one fragrance in a living area. Light them up an hour before your guests arrive to create an immediate impact when they walk in.


A few years ago, Ritz-Carlton Hotels asked Archipelago to create a collection of candles that they could offer to their guests. Next time you're lucky enough to visit a Ritz-Carlton, take notice of the candle burning at the front desk, or in their spa gift shop.


The Black Forest scent is a favorite of celebrities such as Rihanna, who requested a Black Forest candle in every dressing room on her 2013 “Diamonds” tour. For Rihanna, nothing relaxes her like this scent, a dramatic and intoxicating fragrance featuring a delicious blend of ebony wood, Douglas fir and black currant aromas. Taylor Swift also had it on tour commenting, “I love this fragrance, it’s so wintery!”