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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's day is right around the corner! And yes, we know that our industry is skewed towards women. But that's not to say that we don't have some gifts that cater to men. The best gifts are usually the ones you would never buy for yourself, so go for the unexpected! Have a look at our curated selection of unique options that work for any Dad.

For the Couch Potato Dad:


Whether he's a sports fanatic or a Game of Thrones marathoner, a cozy throw blanket makes the experience that much more memorable. Add a bowl of popcorn with that special sauce and Dad may invite you to join him. This remarkably cozy knitted throw comes in an array of colors.


For the Craft Beer Enthusiast Dad

Some might consider Southern California the craft beer mecca, so it's no surprise that the men out here appreciate a strong, aromatic IPA. Get Dad his own glass or set of glasses to enjoy it in. Consider adding a growler from his fave local brewery and you have a thoughtful, creative gift!


For the Intellectual Dad

If Dad likes to read and appreciates a sense of style, then these high quality reading glasses will conjure a sharp image and a smack of attitude. Made in Italy with top-grade plastics and high tech metals, they fit comfortably and can be converted to prescriptions.


For the Designer Dad

Dubbed 'The Man Chair' this is the go-to spot in our store for husbands to wait while their wives meander. It never fails, Men just migrate towards the rich leather and upright arms of this crafty chair. The handcrafted hardwood combined with the leather texture create a sophisticated elegance.


For the Animal Lover Dad

If Dad's right hand man is Fido, and if Dad also tends to blame Fido for household mistakes, this book might make him a little more sympathetic. It takes a humorous look into the mind of a dog. Bonus, there's a cat version, too!


For the Worker Bee Dad

If Dad's tool shed is afright, consider this adult toy box. A great way to get organized, bonus it's mobile so he can take his tools to another room to use them. We have personalized crates with your location such as Encinitas, Solana Beach, Newport Beach and more in stores while supplies last.

For the Nautical Dad

Whether Dad has a boat or dreams of owning one, a high-quality indoor/outdoor rug will transform any space into a nautical theme. Since this rug can be used outdoors, keep it on the boat to add a little style, or for those without a boat, use it to create an intimate space to relax and feel like you're on the open sea all the same.

5 DIY Floral Arrangements for Mom

Still stuck on what to get for Mom? Well it's no secret that we love our botanicals- so it only seems fitting that we spread our enthusiasm just in time for Mother's Day. Consider a DIY permanent floral arrangement- a personalized gift put together by you will bring Mom back to the good ole days when you brought home a crafty wreath from school. Bonus, our botanicals won't be obsolete in a week. An arrangement is basically a canvas that can be changed for future moods and seasons, so you're giving mom a reason to indulge in her creative side. Today, we chose 5 of our absolute favorite arrangements that take on personalities of their own.


1- The Romantic

We paired Allium clusters with dusty seagrass and greenery and layered in Queen Anne's lace for added height. The hand blown melting hurricane glass adds an organic feel to the romantic aesthetic. Can't quite treat Mom to a trip to Paris? Then bring the romance to her.


2- The Classic Beauty

Strings of White orchids and contrasting red dogwood branches create a timeless look.  A simple hand blown glass bubble vase creates the foundation for a stylistically versatile arrangement year round that goes perfectly on a contemporary shelf against a dark wall.


3- The Californian

These desert-dwellers make a perfectly understated accent for any room. Remember to work in odd numbers, using pieces of varying texture and layer in moss! We chose a rectangular concrete vessel so as not to detract from these statement makers.


 4- The Dreamer

Utilizing an earthy clay pot for an understated neutral base, we added bunches of hydrangeas in different sizes and shades complimented by ferns and seed spray to create an ethereal arrangement that's perfect for Mom's bedside table.


5- The Minimalist

And our last arrangement is for the Mom that taught you how to organize and minimize your clutter. We opted for simplicity with a touch of whimsy by adding a singular ivory bud branch to a matte white bottle vase with an arbitrary handle. Add it to a concrete accent table for an instant statement.

And remember, our design team is always on hand to help out and make suggestions!


Mother's Day Gift Guide

May 8th is right around the corner..and you know what that means. It's time to give back to the woman who has been giving to you all your life. We have you covered in a few areas, whether Mom is an entertainer, a decorator, a fashionista and more. Read on for 9 gift ideas that are appropriate for any Mom and budget.


1- Archipelago Luna Candle

Create a spa day mood for Mom with an Archipelago candle- our favorite scent? Luna- a fragrant blend of herbaceous and flora notes. Luna is carefully hand crafted using complex blends of essential oils- bright Lemon Verbena, sweet Lavender and woodsy Thyme. Not only will it take her away, but it's sure to be a favorite of guests.


2- Cashmere Ruana

This soft, luxurious cashmere knit by NYC based label Minnie Rose, produces a flattering drape with it's hi-low hem design. Perfect for cool California nights and so easy to throw on with a pair of jeans, it's perfect for any stylish woman.


3- Boulevard Frame

A contemporary wood veneer frame complemented by a white matte is the perfect way to give Mom a memorable family photo- whether it's of the grandkids, the grandpets, or her favorite travel destination, this frame exudes simple but classic style and is the perfect addition to any gallery wall.


4- Express Yourself Pillows

Remind Mom that you recognize and value the home she made for you. Our large flour sack pillows with down insert will do just that. The white and gray will match any decor scheme and with different sentiments, you might find one that suits your mom just right.


5- Quotation Tea Light

If you have a little person that wants to get a gift for Mom or Grandma, this just might be the right fit. These tea light holders express a big sentiment in a small package, and will only make a small dent in your wallet.


6- Vietri Lastra Heart Dish

Show a little love with the rustic yet chic Lastra white small heart-shaped plate. This Italian stoneware is microwave, freezer, dishwasher and oven safe and highly resistant to chipping. She can use it in the kitchen or even as a spot to keep all the small things she loves.


7- Round Equation Mirror

Through the looking glass - At 40 inches wide, the frame is handcrafted of washed fir wood adorned with knobs strung with iron wire. It's a unique look that Mom will go gaga for. 


8- Poly resin Seashell

Poly resin seashells come in an array of shapes and sizes. Consider adding flowers to one or using it to put Mom's favorite spa products in. They make beautiful gifts on their own too, working as a coastal style decor accent.


9- Lazy Susan Serving Board

This reclaimed Cyprus serving board is the perfect gift for the hostess Mom. Marked with different expressions, the board is also a lazy susan, making it a party pleaser.