Designed to achieve the highest level of realism and sophistication, our permanent botanicals are created with care and attention to detail.  The meticulous production process merits a better word than ‘artificial’ or ‘fake’, fooling the eye of the admirer. These home accents will allow you to surround yourself with beauty all year long. We offer a range of extraordinary florals, plants and stems for a range of projects like unique centerpiece arrangements, modern end tale vignettes, and mood lifting room accents.


Every holiday, event or occasion and space is unique and special. Adding a vibrant touch to the atmosphere will completely transform it. We can help create a lush tablescape for your next dinner party or a charming bedside table vignette in your guest room. Perhaps a garden inspired centerpiece in the breakfast nook or simple arrangement to bring life to your workspace. With an emphasis on romantic, natural elegance, take advantage of our artistic abilities to accomplish your space.  We are happy to give a helping hand and add to your home décor in San Diego and Orange County.




After you choose a pot that suits your style, saunter over to our orchid bar for a selection of different height and species of exotic orchids, suitable foliage to match your look, a touch of moss and of course finish it off with a realistic element like a bamboo stick.

Faux Succulents

Our succulent bar offers a range of succulents and air plants that can be arranged in unique planters such as an oversized dough bowl or even a small coffee mug for a place setting. The range of colors and shapes allows you to achieve your desired look.

Trees and Plants

Brighten any room with our selection of realistic houseplants. From the ‘au courant’ fiddle leaf fig tree to a ficus style fly fishtail palm, a green thumb is not required when you add foliage textures to your home décor scheme.

Stems and Accessories

Come in and get creative! Update your existing arrangements with our unique sprays, add a dogwood or bud branch to your lonely glass vases, brighten up your mantel with lovely hydrangea and peonies, or add a whimsical look to a dark corner with Birchwood branches.