Ohhh nooo..there is no store like yours...ever anywhere! You will be greatly missed. With that said...Happy new beginnings to you & your family


Hate to see a small Encinitas family business close! Wishing you the best in what is to come! Happy new year!


Yours was by far my favorite store in Encinitas. I have yet to find another store with as much charm, character, and gorgeous faux flowers since I moved. The individual attention and hand written thank you cards were such a special touch. I was just thinking about your store the other day but didn't realize you were closing. Best of luck in your next adventure!


My mom and I are so sad to see you guys leave. You have the best inventory and beautiful pieces! We will be sure to stop in before you close your doors, we will miss you!


Dearest Lili, Though I've only met you once with my sister (we were the sisters that told you how much we LOVED YOUR STORE!) I am soooo saddened along with my friends and family that you are closing your magical doors! I am heartbroken! You made Encinitas and PCH classy, enchanting, exciting, just wonderful! We always looked forward to all of your amazing finds, gifts, textiles, furniture, just walking around your shop made me feel like I was in France! Thank you for all your hard work! All your dedication to bringing beauty into our lives and making us feel special even when I couldn't afford items I learned so much from your store about furnishings and style. I brought so many visitors there I won't know where to go now... You are a special treasure! Sending love & light to you and your family at this strange time in our world.


So lucky to have had you as our neighbors...the block won't be the same!


Absolutely not!! There is no way this, can be true...sad beyond sad..Your store was more than a business to your customers..It was where we would go to be around others from our tribe to gather and experience all the great treasures you had. To have pieces of your treasures to bring home to ours...to create our dreams. I am being selfish in saying I truly wish this was not true..but know your next chapter will be amazing!!


So sorry to hear you will be closing I always loved going into your store! It was my favorite store to go into when I lived in California. You all are extremely talented sending best wishes your way


Your store always inspired me to rearrange, redo and freshen up my spaces at home. Thank you.


I have been coming to Laguna and Encinitas for years. 20 years every summer from Las Vegas. I visit every time I am there. I rented a house to come on weekends for 4 years and then I got to visit the Newport shop even more. I work in the hospitality market in Las Vegas and I post your facebook pictures weekly to make my friends smile. You will be so missed. Thank you for the beauty all these years. Enjoy your next adventure. You will be missed and always respected


I somehow missed this announcement and cannot express how sad i am. I have been so inspired by what you've done and wish you nothing but the best.


And what will you my friend do for an encore? Lilli, you are an amazing talented woman and Encinitas is so lucky to have had you brighten their downtown street corner for so many years!!!! Truly an anchor for what was to come.


It’s been such a pleasure doing business with you all. Best of luck to you and Fletcher. xo’s


I wish you the best in your new adventure! I always enjoyed coming in to your Encinitas store. It was a magical experience! And I always left inspired by the beauty and creativity I discovered. This was during a very difficult time in my life, and coming to Gardenology was a wonderful and uplifting escape.


Thanks so much for all you have shared with is. Your store is a treasure and will be missed. All our best to you in your new adventure.


I love your store! have for many years - as you embody the true experience of beauty that inspire all senses. Good luck with your future endeavors. Maybe you'll find yourself in Europe coming back with containers full of cool items - and start your next chapter. Best wishes - and happy holidays!


Shut up!!! You guys are awesome! Love your taste and style. I'm so sad for you and all of us that love you. ❤ the best to you!


Thanks for all the great items in your NB location over the years. So many places around my home I see "treasures" I found there. Will miss you a lot


Dear Lili & Fletch, I hope this is because you have decided to retire, take it easy and enjoy life a little.  I am very happy for you and wish you the very best in anything and everything you decide to do.  Have a little fun, sleep in a little and even go a little crazy.  Maybe you could even come to KC for a visit?????  (I'm not sure that would fit in any of the fun, sleep, or crazy category though)  You are welcome any time!!!  Would love to have you.


NO, NO, NO - impossible. Where will I go and what will happen????


YOU HAVE DONE A BEAUTIFUL job and always a pleasure to shop in your friendly space employees delightful you will be missed.


Nooooo:( so saddened by this news. Your Encinitas store was my "happy place" that I loved to frequent. Your style and pieces are so welcoming and stylish. I have many things from Gardenology sprinkled thru my home. Your store will be missed!! Good luck in any future endeavors and happy holidays


I am so sorry to read this.  I have always enjoyed stopping by for the unique items you had.  Best of luck in your next adventure whatever it is. You will be missed more than you can imagine! Thank you for sharing your style and grace.


A truly magical place Lili!


No, no, no.... so sad! Such beauty... in my travels I've told so many people about your gorgeous store! I work as a live-in private chef and some day when I have my own place I plan on decorating like you! Thank you for the atmosphere and naturalness!


I will miss you sooo much! Gardenology had been an inspiration to me for a long time and although I now live in Australia on my return visits I always drop by and always find something special that I just must have! I will always remember the time when I bought several long stems of white artificial orchids that I carried on the plane on my return trip back home to Sydney ! So many passengers were certain that they were real and even now several years later I still have them on display in my dining room! Best of luck and every good wish for the future!


Downtown Encinitas won't be the same without you. :(


Dearest Owner of Gardenology, I think your name is Lynn, I met you once! I just wanted to say after getting this information that I am so beyond sad and sorry to see you go... You are my favorite store in the whole area, actually including LA stores!  I've lived in Carlsbad from LA for over 15 years but 3 years ago had to move back to LA, but when I come to visit my sister I go to your store to see what new thing you have done or what new merchandise you have gotten...Always Inspiring...Always Amazing...!!! I have bought beautiful gifts for my friends, family and for myself over the years. My sister, her family and my kids will be so saddened to hear this news! Your store was a slice of heaven for all of us that love and appreciate design, beautiful interiors, with a natural Aesthetic of the most Beautiful things put together by people who know what they are doing! You brought style, magic, and class to San Diego! You were our cross creek in Malibu, in Encinitas! You were so loved and so appreciated by so many... and I just wanted you to know that...! Will you keep the Newport Beach shop open? I hope so cause I will make it my new stopping place when I go south and get my Gardenology fix! And I just started following your blog and was loving it! With a heavy heart I thank you for being the jewel on the corner that made us all happy and proud to live in Encinitas. Bringing upscale design, beauty, and style to all...Wishing you all the best on your adventure through life. Sending Love, happiness and peace to you and all those that helped make Gardenology the beautiful place it was!


So sad!!! This is definitely a loss! Thank you for helping to make my house a home to me.


Hi there, I received your email that your stores will be closing. Your stores are such beautiful spaces filled with unique finds. So sad to hear you will be going!


I'm sure bummed you are closing. I have shopped at both your locations and have always loved the vibe of the store and your items. I finally finished building a house at the beach and most all the bedding is from you all. Have found lovely accessories and furniture as well. So sad to see a store with such creative items, fun energy and lovely staff go. Best of luck in your retirement.


The absolutely best to you in your new endeavors.  I can just imagine a retirement that will spark so many new ideas!


You and your store were a wonderful asset for North County and Gardenology will be missed! Do you have plans to do something on a smaller scale in the future? I wish you all the best in whatever ventures you pursue.


I am sorry that your beautiful displays will be missing from 587 on the 101.  My eye is always attracted to your corner and the beauty of your furnishings! May you have great luck in your next decision, helping people surround themselves with comfort and a luxurious look.


Just wanted to drop a note to thank you again for the beautiful business you brought to our community in Newport Beach. I always made a point of stopping to investigate your newest merchandise and just revel in the creativity and beauty that your store exemplified. I'm sure you will go on to do wonderful things beyond this venture, but know you will also be remembered here for your valuable contribution!