In the Beginning...

Our founder and creative director had a deep passion for natural organic design from the beginning…Growing up as the daughter of avid gardeners had an unmistakable influence on Lili McIntire’s style.

Born and raised in Ohio, she developed her obsession with home fashion and design combined with her parents love of nature into redefining indoor and outdoor living…. inspiring others to embrace nature in their lives - indoors and out. It’s all about seeing the world around you and being a part of it for Lili. Creating memorable spaces based on form and texture is her natural style.

Through her travels, Lili became smitten with antiques and unique found objects as well. Incorporating her natural style, she began to design interiors- all the while balancing a career in corporate project management. After 9/11, Lili gravitated to her passion and opened her first home furnishings boutique in 2002 in Encinitas, CA. She couldn’t imagine a more fitting challenge or one that more deeply underscored her love of interiors allowing her to express her vision. By 2005, based on customer demand, Lili was offering design services for residential and commercial spaces, also participating in the San Diego Designer Showcase Home. In 2010, she opened her second Gardenology store, located in Newport Beach. She now offers design services through a staff of trained professionals and has launched her own line of indoor furniture and lifestyle products named Klaene Gray.


Exclusively at Gardenology, Klaene Gray begins with a vision for a lifestyle collection that offers simple but necessary comforts inspired by life along the coast and the diverse natural landscape of California. The moods created by each item in the collection satisfy a longing to escape, transforming everyday routines into sensorial rituals.

The Klaene Gray furniture collection is the essence of comfort. Finding the ideal relationship between shape, detail and texture- renewing traditions without the rules, this is style! Each piece is designed to simplistically and stylishly integrate into any design aesthetic. Proudly crafted in the USA, the way furniture lives is as important as how it looks.

Klaene Gray candles capture the sensual and fresh scents of the sun, the sea and the air suggestive of beach, mountain and desert journeys. With a modern and boldly sophisticated design, each candle is hand-crafted from start to finish in the artisanal tradition using only select quality ingredients that are both kind to the environment and kind to our health, proving that green products and beautiful design go hand-in-hand.