One of our favorite parts of the interior design process is adding the final touch, like throw pillows. Pillows can easily be changed out with the seasons, or simply when you desire change. Switching out a striped pillow for an ethnic printed option can transform the whole feel of a room while contributing to the desired look and style. Not only do they add style to a space by softening a modern or contemporary space, but throw pillows on furnishings also invite people to relax and join the conversation.

We can help you stay true to some of the general rules of pillow styling, like working in odds, varying textiles, prints and shades in the same color family, and choosing the right sizes. We have oversize pillow options for a more casual, comfortable feel or standard sizes to compliment a modern sectional. Together, we can determine the best option for your space and we will help you mix and match to create a welcoming look.



Our range of luxe colors and textures add a perceived value to the room, creating a modern lived-in look with varying shapes, prints or sizes. Remember, pillows don’t need to be strictly limited to sofas and sectionals. Add distinctive styling with a lumbar or bolster on a chair. They fit perfectly and give it an added element of comfort.  Most of our pillows have a detachable and washable cover for easy care.

Indoor Materials

One of our bestselling pillow styles is our personalized Canvas pillows, whether it has the coordinates of our lovely beach communities or the perfect sentiment to make your day, these classic styles add a pack of personality to the home. Add global influence to a room with our vintage textiles created with unique dyeing techniques and hand block printing. Elicit glamour and drama with metallic pillows that make an enriching addition to any palette. Or keep things simple with a chunky knit pillow that adds texture.



Incorporate pillows into outdoor spaces- against the backdrop of a stone path, ivy covered brick walls or driftwood furniture finishes, pillows will create a timeless look that will look beautiful throughout the seasons.

Quality Materials

We offer a range of luxurious indoor/outdoor pillows that are created to withstand the elements- resisting rain, sun and stains- inconceivably outdoor. These noticeably soft pillows are handcrafted using sophisticated fabrics in intricate patterns and bold colors to make your outdoor living space as beautiful as your indoor one.