Rugs serve as the perfect accent to any space, making a statement with bold patterns ranging from stripes to geometric shapes to nature prints. We offer a range of high-quality, fashion-forward area rugs, allowing you to find the type of material that suits your needs. Our team will help you evaluate the space and find the right rug whether it is to serve as an anchor point in a room or serve a function.  We will help with precise measuring to help you avoid common mistakes.

Our collections are produced by teams of artisans that are experts at merging form with function, using hand-loomed processes that rest on sustainability. Vendors like Dash and Albert, Surya and Jaipur Living offer modern, transitional collections, with some options being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.



Even the most basic floor coverings can be beautiful. Choosing the right texture and material to suit your needs will also set the stage for a stylish room.


Wool Rugs

This durable textile is ideal for rooms with heavy furniture and active residents – meaning it resists dirt and liquid penetrate slowly. It is also known to provide good insulation.

Cotton Rugs

One of the most cost-friendly options is cotton, which provides softness and a range of colors and styles. Cotton rugs offer easy care methods for a low maintenance routine.

Silk Rugs

Turn heads and reinvent your space with hand knotted silk rugs, which come in timeless designs, making them a wise investment. Professional cleaning is required.

Natural Fibers

Sisal jute or sea grass are some of the more popular options of naturals. Generally coming in a neutral color palette, these chameleons will make sense in many design schemes. A basic beating is the normal care routine to keep them clean.

Synthetic Rugs

Man-made fibers including nylon, polypropylene and viscose mimic the characteristics of naturals but offer a durability that makes them suitable for indoor or outdoor areas.


After you determine which material best suits your needs, it’s time to choose the style that best balances out your space.

Tufted Floor Coverings

Similar to traditional carpeting, these thicker rugs won’t shift and provide a comfortable surface. The technique is done by inserting yarn, typically wool or cotton, through a base to create pile, and patterns and textures are simultaneously incorporated into this process.

Flat Weave Floor Coverings

Sometimes reversible, these durable rugs are known for their textures, graphic patterns or bold colors- think dhurries and kilims. Based on a traditional weaving process, these rugs are easy to transport, making them ideal for layering.